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Agenda Board Meeting 12.03.2018, 20:00h CET (19:00 h UTC)


  • Members of the Board (for use as template)
  • Oktavía Hrund Jónsdóttir (PPIS)
  • Antigone (Gabrielle Nereuil PP-FR)
  • Markéta Gregorová (PP-CZ)
  • Bastian (Sebastian Krone, PP-DE)
  • Antonios Motakis (PP-GR)
  • Ernst Spitaler (PP-AT)
  • Hrafndís Bára Einarsdóttir (PP-IS)
  • Exile (Oliver Herzig, PP-DE, PP-CAT, PC-ES)
  • Mikuláš Peksa (PP-CZ)

Who is responsible for what (allocation/roles) See chart:

Resources See chart:

Mailing Lists


Minutes of the Meeting

1.1. – Participants

* Bastian Krone * Ernst Spitaler * Oktavía Jónsd * Mikuláš Peksa * Exile * Tony * Hrafndís * Antigone

1.2. – Excused

* Markéta Gregorová (PP-CZ) * *

1.3. – not excused

1.4. – Guests

* @PiratesOnAir until 21:00hrs CET


RoP= not existing until now for developing RoP in the near future Meeting opened at 20:12 CET by Oktavia Meeting chaired by: Oktavía Secretary for this meeting: Mikuláš Streaming started 20:12 Recording started: 20:12 :


Minutes of the last meeting YES : Bastian, Mikuláš, Exile, Ernst, Tony, Oktavía NO: ABSTENTIONS:

4 – Reports

4.1. – Short report of the board members

* Ernst Spitaler (PP-AT)

Unfortunately I have been unable to find the time to do sufficient research on representation of pirates on at least the second level of government. due to us planning to run for the eu elections, I limited my research to European Union member states, but there is a big language barrier which makes it pretty difficult to access the required information. also due to the vastly differring structures of the different countries within the EU and the somewhat flatter hierarchy of smaller countries the meaning of “regions” can be very different, which means that finding out even how mandates are shared usually requires knowledge of the local language or at least help.

Additional complexity arises from the fact that e.g. in estonia, where we are not even yet registered as a political party, research will not yield usable results because apart from personal affiliation candidates should be members or member parties if we can list them at all, ruling Estonia out for example.

Please forgive my radio silence. I will be available during the week to catch up and hopefully further my research into european pirates. It did somehow feel like a ghost ship at times, especially with a significant amount of member parties being not available for contact or even not having updated any publicly available information.

Thank you Marketa for the very motivating results of the work of you and your Czech colleagues! Oktavia: It would be helpful to check also for youth organisations.

* Oktavía Hrund Jónsdóttir (PPIS) There are elections coming up here in Iceland (municipal level) so we have been very, very busy. I have used time on the registration primarily. - 20/FEB the registration was submitted, but Luxembourg authorities have not responded - visited PirateSecon in Munich - Irish youth pirates are aktiv … and hopefully … contact ? Ernst will incorparate - we shall schedule working meetings for every week - we shall organise visits of Pirates from different countries (there is currently Czech Pirate in Iceland)

* Antonios Motakis (PP-GR) - no major update - visited PiSeCon - a VoteIT backup is available

* Exile (Oliver Herzig, PP-DE, PP-CAT, PC-ES) - not very activ .. spain is frozen.. - participate in 08.03. … huge movment in spain regarding cat… - still no changes as catalans are not able to form goverment out of the elected parlament remark 25.03. .. programm group .. first meeting - also assistied to munich (Pirate secon - but only one day)

* Mikuláš Peksa (PP-CZ) - checked for pan-european candidate lists - EP refused the idea, however, the European Council on 22/3 can put it back on the table. - visited PiSeCon - visited European Ideas Lab - met Julia Reda and the general secretary of Greens/EFA faction - Greens/EFA are friendly towards us - met some local DiEM25 people, very friendly towards us, seek for further contacts - visiting GA of PP-SK next week - scheduled visit of Swedish parliament (26/3 - 29/3) - preparing for Czech municipal election (September)

* Markéta Gregorová (PP-CZ) Sorry, will participate only in the first half an hour or so, therefore here's my report, because I probably won't be able to tell it in person: - The media plan is not done; apologies are redundant, but nevertheless, I just couldn't find the time to finish it, I'm very sorry. Until our next meeting, you will have it in your mailbox. :( - Still not the International coordinator, but will probably happen (wasn't sure till now). - Happy to mention that PiSeCon, European Ideas Lab and Think Twice conference had our participants, and Europe-Ukraine Forum tomorrow will also welcome some Czech Pirates. - With that is connected that the Finnish Pirates will have their 10th anniversary sometimes in May/June, and Swedes elections in September(?), so we might consider supporting them even from the PPEU position - just a proposal to discuss :) some Czech Pirates will definitely at least visit them.

* Bastian (Sebastian Krone, PP-DE) - I did a lot of technical stuff:

- Website https://european-pirateparty.eu

- mail: – example: – Please ask me for your login data


– Folders PPEU /board etc.

- Setup a PPEU-Calender in the Website

- Proposal for working groups

* Antigone (Gabrielle Nereuil PP-FR)

- GA of the PP-FR - 17th march - intern political troubles :( - “Citizen Archipelago” (an informal network of many political parties focused on the renew democracy) is working and we will set up a working group for the european elections - PPEU Working Group on a common programm : first meeting on mumble the 25th of march - mailing list does not work - Bastian: use the new mailing list:

Have a look to: e.g.:

* Hrafndís Bára Einarsdóttir (PP-IS) I have had a real problem following the work of PPEU. I have class to teach at this hours on mondays. Also I have had serious technical problems. Before I surrender I want to try once again to meet with Oktavía to see if I can speed up and be up to date and start my part of the work. Since I have now taken the job as a election manager for Akureyri I want to be able to be up to date.

5 – First Steps

5.1. Call for working groups

1) 25th of March - Meeting on a common programm First meeting to work on the idea of a common programm for the European Election 2019

Oktavia will send out a invitation e mail …. for everybody to spread

2) Call for working groups Proposal: Digital Affairs Climate Action & Energy Social Affairs & Basic Income Education & Culture Agriculture, Maritime Affairs, Fisheries Migration and asylum policies Structural Funds and Cohesion Funds Foreign and Defense policy

Internal PPEU work: Working group and Campaigining: structure, strategy and planning of the work internally within PPEU

Create a working space for working groups to start engaging on issues related to the upcoming European Elections 2019.

Internal work: structure, strategy and planning of the work internally within PPEU

We call of working groups: - emails on asking about more working groups (before 25th) - meeting on the 25th to start organizing

5.2. – Domiciliation of PPEU

* Representative for Domiciliation and Registration We have everything in, let's wait for it (Sven sould answer)

5.3. – Financial authorization process

Next meeting between Chair and Treasurer: tentative March 15th, 19:00 CET Meeting has between Treasurer and CP. Process on tasks: https://ppeu.

5.4. – Media lists

(Hrafndís and Mikuláš) H: want to organise the work: has different ideas: find a platform where PPEU does not update the platform: but media can follow up.

(OhJ: idea for a meeting between Mikuláš and Hrafndís to nail the organisation of the information? - wednesday they should meet)

5.5. – E-Mail

Email address on are set to roles, i.e. Board, treasurer, chairperson, vicechair etc. Please ask Bastian for the login! (PGP-Keys are very welcome) <3 OhJ: I will ping you!

6. Projects

Suggestion: mapping the PPEU member/PPEU all with all representation on all levels to be able to be set up in [Ernst] Research on possibility of pan-european candidate list for the EU election (Mikuláš - okta helping) → waiting for the EU council on 22/3


a) VoteIT (had been postponed in the last meeting) Report: Bastian and Tony see TOP 4.1.

b) Report from the Pirate Secon Munich 17.-18.02.2018

board working group on event managing: Antigone, hrafndís, Oktavía, Bastian.

c) remove monday as usual meeting ? wednesday hrafndís, bastian, exile, oktavia, antigone, 1, 1, 1,1,1,: 2nd

Antigone ok - Just not tuesday please Ernst: same for me, also Hrafndis's request is only temporary I presume? It is. I finish class mid may. So only for april and may


Next meeting: 11.04.2018, 19:00 hrs UTC / 20:00 hrs CET

Meeting closed 21:55 hrs CET by Oktavia

TODOs: Oktavia - write an email about working groups and the coordinators

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