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Meeting of the PPEU board 21.07.2019, 21:00 CEST

Members of the Board (for use as template)
FYI: Members of the Board (for use as template)
C: Markéta Gregorová (PP-CZ)
VC: Salvör Kristjana Gissurardóttir (PP-IS)
VC: Mikulás Peksa (PP-CZ)
BM: Antigone (Gabrielle Nereuil PP-FR)
BM: Oktavía Hrund Jónsdóttir (PPIS)
BM: Antonios Motakis (PP-GR)
BM: Ernst Spitaler (PP-AT)
BM: Magnus Andersson (PP-SE)
TR: Peter Freitag (PP-LU)


Meeting opened at: ??.?? CEST
Meeting chaired by: Marketa Gregorová - PPCZ
Secretary for this meeting: Oktavía Hrund Jónsdóttir- PPIS
Recording: (Oktavía Jónsdóttir) - in Mumble - put on website and will be linked at the end of the meeting - ThomasG (on behalf on PiratesOnAir)

1.1. - Participants

Mikulás Peksa (PP-CZ)
Markéta Gregorová (PP-CZ)
Oktavía Hrund Jónsdóttir (PP-IS)
Salvör Kristjana Gissurardóttir (PP-IS)
Ernst Spitaler (PP-AT)

1.2. - Excused

Antigone (Gabrielle Nereuil PP-DE)
Antonios Motakis (PP-GR)

1.3. - Not excused

Peter Freitag (PP-LU)
Magnus Andersson (PP-SE)

1.4. - Guests

Thomas Gaul PPDE
Exile PP-DE, PP-Cat
Jens Stomber PP-DE
Solibo - Alessandro Ciofini PP-IT
Bastian (only in the pad & broadcasting)

1.5. - Pad:
YES: Oktavía Hrund Jónsdóttir - PPIS, Markéta Gregorová - PPCZ, Ernst Spitaler - PPAT,Salvör Kristjana Gissurardóttir (PP-IS)

Minutes are accepted. (4 yes, 1 abstain)? Please allow members of the board to put their votes in. If results are given, they are given. Don't attack helping people!


1. Reports of the Board (Board, 20 minutes)
  • C: Markéta Gregorová (PP-CZ)
  • Twitter name changed, trying to find a date for invoice meeting, and for PR (is this media?). The vacation period is making this difficult.
  • C Parliamentary work: did not vote for Ursula. Waiting for comminitionaers and programme to be announced. Venezuela, Krimea and Mexico - interesting to watch. Pirates are already noticeable.
  • VC: Salvör Kristjana Gissurardóttir (PP-IS)
  • Turmoil in PPIS, news attention. The turmoil was regarding a former MP wanting to return in a trusted position within the party and current MPs reaction to that. Not much else to report at this time.
  • VC: Mikulás Peksa (PP-CZ)
  • put presure into organising their systems in EP . PR manager in EP for Pirates. Found FB efforts to be quite successful. Want to use this platform to expand presence. EP PPEU group is hiring IT services for calander sharing, and later on to expand capabilities. Preparing public procurement for persons (hired from the EP), need them to help for coordination for voting and consult Draft being discussed by the pirate group at the moment.
  • BM: Antigone (Gabrielle Nereuil PP-FR)
  • Excused.
  • BM: Oktavía Hrund Jónsdóttir (PPIS)
  • Hard to get things rolling in the summer time, but yes, now it might be more flexible for everyone. Media strategy: looking forward to that meeting. Roles and responsibilities - want to have a viable draft before the next meeting.
  • BM: Antonios Motakis (PP-GR)
  • Excused.
  • BM: Ernst Spitaler (PP-AT)
  • Exciting developmentsi n PPAT. They are running for elections - however in a mixed Green/Pirate list and not exclusively. “for digitilization”. Candidate running as a pirate on the Green party list. PPAT secured nr. 10 on the Greens list, which may secure a Pirate in the Austrian Parliament. The Maria Chlastak, she will run on a pirate campaign within the Green list. There are hopes within PPAT to have her on in parliament. There is an open invitation for the PPEU to help the PPAT and they will be in touch when and how help is needed.
  • BM: Magnus Andersson (PP-SE)
  • Excused.
  • TR: Peter Freitag (PP-LU)
  • Excused.
2. Tasks from the previous meeting:
  • 1. Create a template for future Facebook stamps and any of our events. (desertold?, Markéta?) - I asked Roland, he created three versions, uploaded to Wiki:
  • - Please give input - these graphics are ready to use on Facebook! (please put your own text in)
  • 2. Twitter accounts will be renamed to EuropeanPirates and the channel who has it now and has smaller number of followers will be renamed to EUPirates (Markéta)
  • - done - @europeanPirates, and small channel @EUpirates
  • 3. Meeting for roles and responsibilities document will take place. (Oktavía)
  • - done, next steps to full draft document and share with board.
  • 4. Create a doodle for the meeting to PR a communication strategy (Markéta):
  • - didn't find a date comfortable for everyone, will find a new one with broader offer of dates and more urgencies
  • 6. Peter checks the 2018 payments, contact those who didn't pay and ask them, if they are able to do and when approximately
  • - Markéta created:, let's contact everyone based on common agreement
  • - proposal: email to ask: !. changein membership status (for instance want to become observer), 2. inform about the invoice.
  • - green marked in the sheet: (those who have paid (2018), send an email to ask those who have paid more than the yearly fee, if they are looking at the amount as pre-paid or a donation. Secondly send invoice for 2019.
  • 7. Chairperson, vice-chairs and treasurer should discuss Invoices 2019 it. OhJ suggests a formal procedure that allows council member to better plan for annual fees etc. Markéta will send a doodle.
  • - didn't find a date comfortable for everyone (Peter didn't participate), will find a new one with broader offer of dates and more urgencies

3. Council meetings - planning

  • - new spread in council meeting (exile)
  • - advise how many people are in the council
  • Okta: Let's start now with the planning, so that it is a good, healthy Council meeting.
  • TGaul: I wrote an email about the results of the elections. I want to gather the results and put them together. TGaul is looking for Pirate Party elections results for the EP and the local, rural elections.
  • Marketa: agree with starting preparation now. The last council meeting we agreed to clear up the invoice issues and align with the voting rights. We need 2019 invoices to allow for voting rights. Looking to push this.
  • Call for location can be done now: due date: (MG: suggest end aug to mid-sept?)
  • Ernst: suggestion - Brussels?
  • Marketa: suggests january 2020 as the timing for the next meeting unless it goes against the statutes. Conversation on statutes etc. Looking to having the first step to send out the email on the location.
  • TGaul: suggest the board meets and discusses if possible before the next board meeting

4. Any other business (AOB)

a) proposal by Jens Stomber (PP-DE): Could you please release the blocking of my twitter account @ZombBi by [ @EuropeanPirates]
- it has been already done afaik, on @EuropeanPirates. I did it definitely. \o/ Thank you very much!!!!

b) GDPR: Compliancy of PPEU.
ensuring the compliance of GDPR of the PPEU
c) proposal by Jens Stomber (PP-DE):
Could you please switch the archives of the mailinglists of the PPEU ( ) back on?
Could you please let us know who took the initiative to switch the archives off and whether this was approved by the PPEU board?
- I have no idea, where are the archives and how to switch them off/on. Could you collaborate on that more, please? :)
⇒ The “listmaster” of the mailinglist server can switch the archives on/off on the “Web interface for listmaster”, see
- I suppose that is only Bastian. Let's ask once we get to this point. :)
⇒ Mikulás will write an email to Bastian in the name of the board and ask him to switch the archives of all mailinglists back on.

d) Mikulás: helping Austrian Pirates

PPEU board
1. Starts supportive campaign to promote Pirate candidate in Austrian national election.
2. Approves spendings for the campaign with total limit of 500 ?.
3. Delegates Ernst Spitaler to be responsible for the planning and leading the campaign on behalf of PPEU.
4. Orders administrators of the PPEU communication channels to support the campaign.
5. Reiterates the need for privacy in the use of social media and refuses hidden profiling of its users.

YES: Ernst Spitaler (PPAT), Mikulás Peksa (PPCZ), Markéta Gregorová (PPCZ) ,Salvör Kristjana Gissurardóttir (PP-IS)

5. Next Meeting

September meeting:

Board meeting in August: 7th August, 21:00 CEST

End of the meeting: 21:50

Tasks for the next meeting:
1) Marketa to write emails concerning invoices and membership fees to the council members.
2) Marketa & Oktavía: send out a call for location to the Council list with a deadline from end august to mid september.
3) Mikulas: write to Sebastian and ask re. line 121 on the suggestion from Jens Stomber
4) Mikulas: set up an IT meeting in August with council members, specifically PPCZ, PPDE to be present. OhJ asked to join
5) Oktavía: set up a a meeting OhJ, Mikulas on step 0 in including getting in touch with Bastian and then following a GDPR meeting both online and in person - Oktavía, Mikulás, Bastian
6) Mikulas & Ernst: draft an email to PPEU board about proposal on line 133 to give 3-4 days and allow 3-4 days to vote.
7) Oktavía: roles and responsibilities document: draft a document and share with board.
8) Peter: check this document about budget spending:

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