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Agenda Board Meeting 11.06.2018, 20:30h CEST (18:30 h UTC) FYI:

Members of the Board (for use as template)
Oktavía Hrund Jónsdóttir (PPIS)
Antigone (Gabrielle Nereuil PP-FR)
Markéta Gregorová (PP-CZ)
Bastian (Sebastian Krone, PP-DE)
Antonios Motakis (PP-GR)
Ernst Spitaler (PP-AT)
Hrafndís Bára Einarsdóttir (PP-IS)
Exile (Oliver Herzig, PP-DE, PP-CAT, PC-ES)
Mikuláš Peksa (PP-CZ)

Who is responsible for what (allocation/roles)
See chart:
See chart:
Mailing Lists

Minutes of the Meeting

1.1. – Participants
Bastian (Sebastian Krone, PP-DE)
Antigone (PP-FR)
Markéta (PP-CZ)
Exile (Oliver Herzig, PP-DE, PP-CAT, PC-ES)
Ernst Spitaler (PP-AT)

1.2. – Excused

Mikuláš Peksa (PP-CZ)
Oktavía Hrund Jónsdóttir (PPIS)

1.3. – not excused
Antonios Motakis
Hrafndís Bára Einarsdóttir (maybe ask Okta, I believe she may have mentioned something last time)

1.4. – Guests
Michael Sinclair (PPDE)


RoP= not existing until now for developing RoP in the near future

Meeting opened at 20:51 CEST by Markéta
Meeting chaired by: Markéta
Secretary for this meeting: everybody
Streaming started: 20:51
Recording started: 20:51
(by PiratesOnAir)


Minutes of the last meeting
YES: Bastian, Antigone, Markéta, Ernst
NO: -
Minutes are approved.

4 – Reports

4.1. – Short report of the board members

Oktavía Hrund Jónsdóttir (PPIS)

Antigone (Gabrielle Nereuil PP-FR)
- meeting of the 24th may : good participation
- meeting of the working group : participation is still low
- dynamic is difficult to launch : maybe the method could be improve
- Within the french pirate : a lot a of internal work and less possibiliy to work on international questions
- proposal maybe to meet in person? 1-2 days

Markéta Gregorová (PP-CZ)
- met Finnish Pirates, networked, discussed with their international coordinator a meeting of intl. coordinators
- proposed another approach to CEEP after a failed meeting
- working on a microsite related to the copyright reform proposal
- worked on a schedule for EP elections for our party - bad news about the deadlines

Bastian (Sebastian Krone, PP-DE)
Technical stuff:
PPEU Wiki (Minutes, Agenda, Archives)
Daily care as admin.

Political stuff:
Participated in the third CEEP meeting - forth one is 29th of June.
Participation in the general meeting of the Pirateparty Germany (election of EU19 Candidates) - Elected leader: Patrick Breyer, second: Gilles Bordelais

Antonios Motakis (PP-GR)

Ernst Spitaler (PP-AT)
- maybe the intl. coordinators meeting shouldn't be just a one-time meeting and we should create it as a kind of “unit” within the PPEU so that people know whom to ask for help- by - - by the next meeting start common talks, so that we have something to propose

Hrafndís Bára Einarsdóttir (PP-IS)

Exile (Oliver Herzig, PP-DE, PP-CAT, PC-ES)
- government in Madrid change
- Assist of the GA of the PPDE : work on Common European Election Program. For the moment, it is a national program but there is stuff to use for a common program.

Mikuláš Peksa (PP-CZ)

5 – First Steps

5.1. Working Groups
1) 25.03.2018 & 22.04.2018 & 24.05.2018 - Meeting on a common program
1.1.) next meeting is the 29th of June, 20:30 CET
First meeting to work on the idea of a common programm for the European Election 2019

2) Report: working groups
Agriculture, Maritime Affairs, Fisheries
Climate Action & Energy
Corruption and Lobbyism
Digital Affairs
Education & Culture
Foreign and defense policy
Migration and asylum policies
Social Affairs & Basic Income
Structural Funds and Cohesion Funds

Exile: The proposal for a meeting is a good idea. Also happy with the proposal of Muriel - to update the CEEP 2014. And the other points shouldn't be our main focus because the agreement might be hard.
Antigone: agrees, now it is kinda passive; when should we organize it?
Markéta: I propose July or August because of our Czech deadline in September
Bastian: Yes to all, but physical meetings are expensive for somebody
Antigone: two meetings, end of July and second in August

the EU Parliament has some thoughts about putting up a threshold to make entering the Parliament more difficult. It would violate some established ethical rules and probably only get set up for 2024, someone might try to use an angle to still slip it in for 2019, but there are also preparations for legal counteraction underway. According to Bastian it is quite improbable that it will already happen in 2019

Proposed locations to have a physical meeting:

Prague - (good experience from council meeting :) ), a good base with experienced (and paid) people, reachable, not that expensive, the greatest amount of participating people in program groups are Czechs
Frankfurt, good connection, good presence of pirate, cheap hostel
Barcelona (good conected, pirates active, not sure about man power)
Kassel, no airport - might have the option for gratis location to work
Brussels - EP office might help with the costs coverage, the center of the EP, for which we are creating the CEEP :)
Wroclaw (no pirates (Zbigniew)? - but would be something new)
Bratislava - good connection to the central europe, really cheap(hostel and food), accessible via plane easily, active and enthusiastic Pirates, would boost them in gathering signatures for their registration, we, the Czech Pirates, can easily help them with organization and are already experienced in that
Vienna - in the center of Europe, accessible, expensive (pirate team is very small and no idea if we manage something of this scale)
Helsinki (really expensive….but it would give a boost to Finnish Pirates, and there are a few there who are working for the election now so some momentum too, also flying costs themselves are quite reasonable)
Tallinn (bit unsure about the status of the pirates there, but there are really cheap places there, and if there are pirates left might give them a wake up call)

3) Internal work: structure, strategy and planning of the work internally within PPEU

5.2. – Domiciliation of PPEU
Representative for Domiciliation and Registration
Postponed due to absence of Oktavia

5.3. – Financial authorization process
Postponed due to absence of Oktavia

5.4. – Media lists
- need for updates
- strategic document

5.5. – Media Plan (voting)
Media Strategy
Media Plan
- need to vote for the plan
- need to cement a working group around this
- board approval for the media plan as it looks right now, may have detail changes in roll out
- Should be discussed in a special meeting.

Markéta: didn't meet with Okta this month concerning the media plan, will change that next time

6. Projects

No news

7. GDPR Compliance

Membership data / Mailing lists
Privacy Statement

Vote of the Board
Proposal: Bastian is responsible for fulfillment of GDPR preparations
YES:Antigone, Ernst, Exile, Markéta
The proposal has been unanimously accepted.


Bastian: We have to discuss the second chamber as a part of the agenda for the next meeting. Bastian will prepare a proposal for the next board meeting.


Next meeting: 09.07.2018, 18:30 hrs UTC / 20:30 hrs CEST
Meeting closed 22:07 hrs CEST by Markéta Gregorová

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