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Code of Conduct Council Meeting February, 21th 2021

Present Members

  • Arndis
  • Etienne
  • Marco

The meeting took place on PPCZ's Jitsi The meeting was not public. The meeting started at 5pm CET.


The CoCC members followed this agenda:

  1. Procedure
  2. Harassment inside Pirate movement

1. Procedure

Arndis presented her project for procedure.

The CoCC proceeded to amendments to the project.

The CoCC's members reached an agreement on rules that will be published in the wiki

2. Harassment inside Pirate movement

Etienne reported the situation of X. which pointed to the board that someone present on the Mattermost and Board meeting was someone known to be an harasser. X. was upset to see that the board did not act in order to prevent this person to reproduce harassment.

Marco reported a case concerning two pirates that are accusing each other of harassment. He asked about the case that was brought up during the last Council meeting too. He pointed out that if we had more details on this case maybe the CoCC could attempt to deal with the issue.

Members agreed on having a specific meeting to start working on that issue with the process defined in the new rules.


The meeting stopped at 5:45pm CET.

Minutes were written by Etienne and approved by all the members.

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