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Code of Conduct Council Meeting, March 3rd, 2021

Present Members

  • Arndis
  • Etienne
  • Marco

The meeting took place on PPCZ's Jitsi. The meeting was not public. The meeting started at 5:30pm CET.


The CoCC members followed this agenda :

  1. Debriefing on the board meeting
  2. Rules of Procedure (final touch)
  3. Harassment investigation
  4. AOB

1. Debriefing about Board Meeting

The CoCC members were invited to participate to the Board Meeting 24th February. Marco and Etienne assisted to the meeting.

2. Rules of procedures (final touch)

Adding basic informations requested for opening an inquiry :

  • What do happen ?
  • Where it happens ?
  • Who is involved ?
  • What are you waiting from CoCC ?
  • Contact information
  • Documents

3. Harassment investigation

Investigation on harassment : official statement

“Given the repeated episodes of harassment accusations against several members and individuals, the CoCC will work on a report on that subject in order to establish guidelines to tackle the situation and prevent it from happening again.

Anybody can report harassment situations present and past, provide relevant information about how harassment is handled inside their party or other organisations.

Members are invited to share this call internally.

Please send relevant information before the 1st May.

The CoCC will publish a preliminary report on the situation before the end of May.

For practical informations (how to reach the CoCC, how the investigations will be conduct) : [link to the wiki]”

Marco is charged to send the email to the chairman and the Board.

4. AOB

Board request

Katla will join the CoCC for a common meeting in order to establish guidelines for the Mattermost moderation.


The meeting stopped at 6:30pm CET.

Minutes were written by Etienne and approved by all the members.

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