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Meeting CEEP-Group

Where: Mumble -
When - 22nd April time: 20 CEST
How long - 2 hours (max) - 20h-22h
Invitation : as large as possible

Chair: Antigone
Minutes: all of us

Opening the meeting at 20:00

Participants (with twitternick please)

@mickjosi|macburns|Mickey Sinclair
@Srandistka (Markéta Gregorová)
@Thomas1G (Thomas Gaul) PPDE (have to leave before 21h - PPI Board meeting)
Antigone - PPEU
Aurifex - PPFR
Numero6 - ParTiD'enRire (SpaceGuest)
Gwenael.pellen - (PPFR member - listener)
Knarf_e PPDE
@javandijken Jonathan van Dijken (PPNL)
@dvdeijk David van Deijk (PPNL)
@BastianBB (PPEU-Board)
@Maarten_Lensink “Mielipuoli” (PPNL/PPFI)
Michael Berndt (PPDE);

Suggestion for the meeting or for a special meeting

Objectives of the meeting : going back to the result of the survey and eventually fullfilled it

- Exchange informations about the situation of the different PP for the european elections
- Share idea
- Find a consensus on a actions plan for the european programme
- Set retroplanning


1 - What's up ? Information round on Europe (3 mn/PP)

Election of candidates: Sömmerda/Thuringia 09./10.06.2018 Invitation will follow
Working groups are preparing political ideas for the CEEP
PPDE is eager to start a common strategy for the EP
First proposal for further discussions:

First time: there will be a national list
programme has to be built
happy to see so many parties united today

National election in Sept. - EU Election will be in the plan starting afterwards

starting with the PPEU election campaign
programm building has started
would like to have more of a mutual campaign, then individual one

Busy with the election in May. Will start EU process straight afterwards
and are eager participated in the CEEP

Looking at the maybe new election for Parliament in October
General Election will be in April 2019 so only month might be in April/May as for the EU-Elections
since 2013 we have an decided EU programme
Eager to participate into the CEEP

did participate in the last EU Elections in an alliance with The Greens
try to run in any elections in Greece (if possible)

don't know yet when there will be a national programme
have several volunteers for working groups, looking forward to begin
will have regional elections in September, until then probably program and even candidate list won't be in focus unfortunately
note: should there be not only common program, but also common strategy after the elections, concerning negotiations etc.?

have local elections atm buzy, they also said they have no man power for EU election.

2 - Some element of the result of the consultation of the national PP and discussion about the decision making process (10 mn)

Decision making process will needs to be written down until the next meeting
Alexander Spies will prepare a proposal, ThomasG will assist not finalised yet
take into account physical meetings on the process

Set deadline:
Proposal 3: the parties should be asked for the deadline they need to translate and adopt it, based on this a decision will be made.
Tony + An Antigone ⇒ ?

3 - Define all the actions to have until the common programme is adopted (45 mn)

Result : retroplanning

Action to have during the first meeting :

Set a list of the action with name of responsible in front of each action

Monitor the previous CEEP for obsolete or to be amended items still in work, see below.
Each party should to find out if they stick to it in basis.

Decision making process needs to be established
Documentation, working tools, quorum 100% Consensus is needed, if one party objects, an item can either be amended or be striken off

Proposal: using discourse mainly for asynchronous work +1 +1
advantages: easier than mailing lists (but can be used like it for those who want)

PPFR is asked to prepare a sub on the its discourse.
Here :
English language version etc. will be prepared very soon.
English is established by now

4 - Old CEEP

Common European Election Programme (CEEP) 2014:

1. what should we keep
2. what should we skip
3. what should be added

ThomasG takes the lead and invites.
Other volunteers: Alexander Spies -
should have been commented in an offline manner with:
checked (for no changes by default necessary)
amend (plus a comment if needed)

an up to date one pirate with the current European politics wanted to volunteer and finalise it by yesterday, it just hasn't happened

FYI: CEEP 2014

5 -Some news from the working group (5 mn/WG)

Suggestion question:
Did you manage to have a launch meeting ?
What help and support do you need ?

Important to use the old CEEP as a basis and to amend and complete it to develop the CEEP 2019.

Digital Affairs
TheBug @TheBug0816
Alexander Spies -
Maija Li Raudaskoski
Julia or office (EP)

- important topic but not main topic of alexander spies
- Bastian : first steps, we are trying to connect us
- Idea : send a first invitation with concrete proposals for a meeting
- the board of the PPEU will send an invitaton with a framadate

Climate Action & Energy
Michael Berndt (mail:
TheBug @TheBug0815
Maija Li Raudaskoski

Michael is very activ :
TO DO → ask him if he is OK to be the contact person for this WG Its o.k. Great :)

Social Affairs & Basic Income
Alexander Spies -
Jonathan van Dijken -
Knarf_E and Alex will co-lead the group
need a doodle/framadate too
Alexander could make a draft of invitation for this WG

Education & Culture
Patrik Kristl (
Maija Li Raudaskoski

Agriculture, Maritime Affairs, Fisheries
Annette Berndt,

international meeting and there will be more news in the next meeting
Annette will be the contact person (but busy in the next 3 weeks)
Michael will assume the contact during the next 3 weeks
Annette will set up a meeting when her agenda allow it

Migration and asylum policies
Lead: Mickey Sinclair,
Others: ThomasG, Alexander Spies -

would like to have few infos from pirate working on this thematic
the german have experts
a call was made on the french discourse
we have a lot of papers already
spread information in the social channel of the PPEU
let do a “we need to talk”

Structural Funds and Cohesion Funds
blanc at the moment. The board of PPEU is asked for calling for volunteer

Foreign and defense policy
Lead : Aurifex (@AbeEvellin) -
Members : TheBug @TheBug0816, Aurifex (@AbeEvellin), ThomasG
Alexander Spies -

no meeting
will ask the volunteer to meet in 2 weeks
wish a larger invitation from the PPEU
in the pad there is link to informations about the competence of the EU in this domain

Working Group Corruption and Lobbyism

Corruption ?
- may be a new programme point
- PP-CZ have a lot of material on this question : what could be implemented
- Link between corruption and Lobbyism (grey area)

To Do: let have a call for volunteers
TO Do : Marketa will translate the programme point from the CZ-Programme
- There could be CZ-Pirate volunteer
TO Do: Take in Julia Reda and her office for this topic as the office even might know what might be an upcoming issue

Let us have a first look into so each party can discuss it in the meantime. And it can be handled on working group level. The numbering covers the the red herring given in the paper.
It is a summary of what could be the structure of the programme
It can discuss in each WG and in each country to find out if there are already remarks
Antigon will publish it item per item in the discourse for further discussions until our next meeting.

5 - Tools

Websites (even our discussion website “We Need to Talk” )

Mailing lists (easy to setup) –> see above and below
Padserver - pads are given

Mumble server - several available
Sub categories will be created this week to host the working groups is set up as central site for all Global Pirates channels open for all to use if needed.

To Do :
Reactivate the mailing-list and add every volunteers

6 - Preparation of the next meeting (15 mn)


7- Next Meeting / Closing of the Meeting

Next meeting: (not on a weekend!) : Thursday 24th may - 20h30 CET
The meeting is closed at: 21:45h

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