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There are two categories of PP-EU members: Ordinary Members and Observer Members. There is several subcategories of Observer Members.

Number of members is not limited, but there has to be at least five Ordinary Members. The list of members should be deposited at the association's office.

List of Members

Full register of members should be deposited at the seat:

Ordinary Members

An Ordinary Member has to be an established political party with “Pirate” in its name in a country or state of the European Union OR in a country or state which territory lies at least partly in the geographical Europe without being a member state of the European Union. It must not be a subordinate to any other party in this country or state.

The ordinary members are among other things required to pay their Membership Fees.

List (Updated 2020-10-29)

Abbreviation Name Country Votes1) Delegates Note
PP-AT Piratenpartei Österreichs Austria 1 2 Founding member
PP-CZ Česká pirátská strana Czech Republic 6 4 Founding member
PP-EE Eesti Piraadipartei Estonia 1 2 Founding member
PP-FI Piraattipuolue Finland 1 2 Founding member
PP-FR Parti Pirate France 1 2 Founding member
PP-DE Piratenpartei Deutschland Germany 2 2 Founding member
PP-GR Κόμμα Πειρατών Ελλάδας Greece 1 2 Founding member
PP-IS Píratar Iceland 3 2 Founding member
PP-IT Partito Pirata Italy 1 2 Founding member
PP-LU Piratepartei Lëtzebuerg Luxembourg 2 2 Founding member
PP-NL Piratenpartij Netherlands 1 2 Founding member
PP-NO Piratpartiet Norway 1 2 Founding member
PP-PL Polska Partia Piratów Poland 1 2 Founding member
PP-CAT Pirates de Catalunya Spain 1 2 Founding member
PC-ES Confederación Pirata Spain 1 2 Founding member
PP-SE Piratpartiet Sweden 1 2 Founding member
PP-CH Piratenpartei Schweiz Switzerland 1 2 Founding member
PP-SL Piratska stranka Slovenije Slovenia 1 2 Granted on 1st Council Meeting 20152)
PP-SK Pirátska strana - Slovensko Slovakia 1 2 Granted on 6th Council Meeting 20203)

Observer Members

Abbreviation Name Country Type Note
YPE Young Pirates of Europe Europe d) Founding member, 2 votes and 4 delegates in Council
MEP The Pirate Group in the European Parliament Europe d) Founding member, 2 votes and 4 delegates in Council
PPJP 日本海賊党4) Japan b) since 20155)
Stadtverband Potsdam6) Potsdam a) since 20177)
PPI Pirate Parties International World c) since 20178)
Piratenpartei Landesverband Bayern9) Bavaria a) since 201710)
PP-BE Parti Pirate/Piratenpartij Belgium b) Founding Ordinary member, Observer member since 201911)
Piratenpartei Brandenburg Brandenburg a) since 202012)
Pirati Pirati Italy since 2020 13)
MKKP Magyar Kétfarkú Kutya Párt Hungary since 2022 14)
PPRS Pirate Party of Serbia (Пирати) Serbia since 2022 15)

Former Members

Abbreviation Name Country Note
PP-HR Piratska Stranka Croatia Founding member, ceased to exist, removed 202016)17)
PP-RO Partidul Pirat Romania Founding member, ceased to exist, removed 202018)19)
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