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Common European Election Programme (CEEP)

Uppsala Declaration
Prague Declaration
Athens Conference 02./03.11.2013
Online Conference 18.-20.11.2013
CEEP - Final Version
Pirate Parties that adopted the CEEP
Translations of the CEEP

The Schedule for Creating a Common European Election Programme:

Milestone 0: -3 days before Athens (October 30th)

Parties propose texts for the discussion for the common PPEU Election Programme. For any proposal to be taken into account, it must be numbered and ordered into the structure of the PPEU Manifesto (including the “additional” section). All parties will submit their texts until the Athens conference, where they will be merged in one common text.

Milestone 1: November 3rd (after Athens conference)

The main goal of the Athens conference will be to hold a workshop where the merged and democratically agreed upon text will be produced based on all parties' proposals for common programme. The workshop in the Athens Conference will work mainly on a consensus basis. In case of disagreement, it may prepare some amendments that will be tabled for Milestone 2 where formal decision making may take place.

Milestone 2: November 17th

After the first draft from the Athens Conference, parties will submit amendments for the common programme. There should be a clear format for the proposed amendments and they will be decided on one by one on a Mumble conference, exact date to be determined.

Date, Time and Place of the Mumble-Conference: 18./19./20.11.2013 starting at 20:00 CET in the German NRW-Mumble Room PPEU

Milestone 3: until November 29th

The parties will have about a week to veto any part of the programme that is still not acceptable to them, and the remaining bits will compose the finalized European Common Programme proposal to be approved by the parties.

Please send any vetos to

Milestone 4: until January 6th

Those parts of the CEEP proposal which have been ratified or accepted by all Pirate parties voting or deciding on it until then will together build the CEEP. So from this point onwards, the text of the CEEP is fixed.

Milestone 5: until the elections of the European Parliament

Any other EU Pirate Party which hasn't ratified or decided on the provisions of the CEEP-Proposal before, may adopt (only) the complete text of the CEEP and then become part of the common election effort.

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