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Proposals on the Topic "Net Neutrality" for the CEEP


Protect Net Neutrality EU-Wide

Net neutrality as a cornerstone of non-discriminatory access to the Internet must apply by a uniform decision for the entire EU. We rejct measures of the telecommunications companies that threaten the freedom of access, such as the unequal treatment of service providers. We address in particular the current proposals of the European Commission (“Kroes Telecoms Package”), which abstains from a strong codification of the principle of net neutrality due to the lobbying of providers and telecommunications companies.

All endpoints of the internet must be available without any form of unlawful restriction. Traffic management measures shall only be allowed in exceptional circumstances in a clear and transparent manner and only for technical reasons. We demand that the quality and openness of the internet has to be monitored constantly by an independent institution to ensure that there are no filters or blocks or any other obstacles in place. We say “No” to throttling, deep-packet inspection and internet-blocking!


1.7.2 Protect Net Neutrality EU-Wide Second paragraph would benefit from being adressed at a higher level of abstraction.

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