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Proposals on the Topic "Other Policies" for the CEEP


Abolishing Daylight Saving Time

We Pirates want to abolish daylight saving time in the European Union. The valid time afterwards shall be decided via referendum.

Time-changing policy offers no benefits for saving energy, but causes only unnecessary conversion efforts. The only valid reason to continue the practice is its uniform implementation within the EU, which could, however, also be achieved by abolishing it everywhere.


E-government (not electronic elections)

  • Institutional independence on location. In the same way you can run all errands with one clerk in the bank, we propose the possibility of making all of your agenda at any office. Nowadays we have to visit several departments and offices.
  • Communication on the Internet. We will make the administrative agenda accessible in a unified public administration internet portal. Eg. citizens will get the possibility to claim occupation of public space on an interactive map, without the need to visit several offices. A system of feedback will be created in the public administration portal for public objections to regulations.
  • Digital identity. The fundamental prerequisite for the e-government is a working identity verification system for Internet communication with public administration. One of the available options will be an e-ID with e-signature made free of charge.
  • Proactive authority. The public institutions should try to deal with problems of the citizens in highest possible measure even without their own initiative (eg. automatically issuing identification documents). After logging-in into the portal of the public administration, the citizen gets a complete overview of their requests, the progress of other official procedures and further important notices.
  • Professional and standardized publishing of documents. Similarly to administration in Germany a unified professional look of documents will be a part of official templates. Thanks to unified templates and free formats complying with Open Data standard the decisions will be processed faster and automatically made public in compliance with the Free Information Access Act according to the model of transparent organisation.
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