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Proposals on the Topic "Traffic Law" for the CEEP


Traffic Policy

PIRATES view mobility as a fundamental right. Sustainable traffic policy, however, must find better solutions than the use of individual cars, while all the negative and environmentally harmful effects are loaded on the society. We support the reduction of road-based traffic in the context of multi-modal traffic planning, while emission-free urban mobility is the supreme goal.

On European level, PIRATES demand that all carriers and systems of transport shoulder a fair share of the overall costs, based on the costs-by-cause principle.

PIRATES regard interconnectedness of traffic infrastructure and the extension of trans-European railway-corridors, as a substantial contribution to the process of European integration. Harmonization of technical standards, reduction of administrative hurdles, and suitable complementary construction are indispensable requirements for the creation of a common European traffic system.

PIRATES consider the transport of goods via shipping and rail as trendsetting. The extension of transnational traffic lines for cargo is a primary goal. Decisive shift of traffic volume to railways will be essential to meet environmental requirements, relieve the road networks and optimize the capacity of all transport-systems. The promotion of pan-European inland-water transport will offer an ecologically sound alternative to transport of cargo on roads. The capacities of shipping are to be expanded on the European level, while decent technical standards must be made mandatory also for ships registered outside the EU.

PIRATES demand a unification of European airspace, to increase security and efficiency and to allow for innovative routing. Reduction of noise, pollution and environmental damage is a central goal of the PIRATES' air traffic policy. We demand the standardization and expansion of passenger rights, in particular in the area of data protection. PIRATES also support the use of suitable communication- technologies so that traffic may be avoided as much as possible.


1.16 Traffic Policy & 1.17 Drugs and Addiction Policy remove it all.

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