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General Proposals


Regarding proposals departing from the core values, we think it might be interesting to put them forward anyway because, even if they end up being unacceptable in the Common Programme for some parties, if we see that they are shared by a sufficiently large number of parties, we could add another small section in our programmes of things shared by a number of parties (an Onion Programme… ).


We'd like to introduce a new, or let's say modified proposal. The main idea is that - as already the Swedish Pirate Party wrote - different parties affect various topics in their domestic programs so we have to find an intersection. Plus, of course, to reach a consensus in so many topics in such a short time is exaggerated, though we really admire the German proposal and all the effort and thoughts they put in it.

That's why our way is in the end quite minimalistic, but in our opinion practical:

We propose to agree on approximately three main Pirate topics, that'll be the core of the common program; with an option for each country to freely extend it on issues specific for them.

So as to be more specific, our proposed outline of the common program is:

Preamble - generally what are Pirate Parties

1. Freedom of information

a) reform of copyright

b) patents reform

c) freedom of Internet

2. Protection of privacy

3. Direct democracy,

where 1, 2 and 3 are the main Pirate topics we suppose everyone can agree and work on and a), b) and c) might serve as an illustration of what might be the extension (though we'd like to work on these three together).

I would also like to add that due to the nature of our proposal I suggest to vote on this “model” of common program at the beginning of the conference.

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