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PPEU Programs Work Group

Minutes of 15/05/2012


Mumble NRW/PP-DE

  Port: 64738 (standard)
  User: your name
  Channel: 'International' -> 'PPEU'


15.05.2012 21:30 CEST (UTC +2)



  • Martina P./LunaLoof - PP-DE (@LunaLoof /
  • Adrian P. (pappasadrian) ( - PPGR
  • Yiannis Motsakos (Yiannis_Ulm) PP-GR
  • Emmanouil Kastrinakis (mankasp) ( PP-GR
  • Antonios Motakis (tvelocity) PP-GR
  • Dimitris Zoupis (hephaestus2) ( - PPGR
  • Muriel PPCAT
  • Leif PP-DE
  • Patrick Schiffer aka pakki ( PP-DE
  • Justus Römeth (Squig/DarthSquig) PP-DE
  • Stefan Thöni (Exception) ( PP-CH
  • Gilles Bordelais PP-DE
  • ka’imi – PP-DE
  • Antonio García (NingúnOtro) PP-ES
  • Krishna PP-DE
  • Loïc Grobol (Evpok) PP-FR
  • Venanzio Basso PP-DE (
  • Miguel A. PP-CAT
  • Robotica - Daniele Monteleone ( PP-IT
  • Luciana Dolhascu ( PP-IT
  • Gregory Engels - PPI, PP-DE
  • korbinian - PP-DE
  • Xavier Gillard (polnetz) PP-FR

Meeting starts at 21:30 (CEST)



TOP 1 Greetings and Introduction

* Round of Introductions

TOP 2 Agenda accepted/changes

* no disapprovement - agenda remains as is

TOP 3 Chairman of today's assembly



* no other candidates, Martina is the chairman * the chairman points out that we should not have general discussions, but to stay on topic of the agenda

TOP 4 Chairman of today's elections


*clarifications for this position are asked…

TOP 5 Purpose of the Work Group

Most important rule: No general discussions! Those belong onto the general PPEU- and PPI-ML!

German Deadline: Next GA in November, the 24th/25th 2012 * the deadline set by the german pirate party is mentioned(24-25/11/2012). however it is not a strict deadline, since at least 3 more GA will be held next year

TOP 6 Operation method of Work Group / Order of Topics

How often do we want to meet?

(Once a week?) * Martina: how often should we meet? * pakki: suggestion that we meet often in the beginning. once per week would be a good frequency * not everyone will be able to attend once per week. whoever is there, is there * suggestion for a stable weekly date and time (Tuesday, 21:30) * whoever cant make it on tuesday, wont be able to attend at all * martina is going to set up a doodle for the next meeting, the link will be send on the mailing list * proposal for a regular meeting: every tuesday at 21:30 h on mumble

What to do, if we do not agree on a topic?


  • vote on the same day
  • open vote over a period of time
  • idea behind the group:
  • not find a definitive programme, but put options up for now
  • then have the members within the group/the national parties can show us which points they like best
  • and then we put that for definite vote in front of the GAs of the respective national parties

Put Your name, PP and contact details here: and here * there's a slight confusion about which pad we're using, due to technical issues and limitations…

People responsible for the Website:

  • @jerryweyer
  • @crackpille
  • @LunaLoof
  • @ortsman
  • @darthsquig

TOP 7 Election of Coordinators

Administrative Coordinators (2, better 3 will be needed):

The Coordinators will be doing all necessary administrative stuff like preparing mumble meetings, protocols, taking care of ML and Wiki etc. - meaning work, not glory! *suggestion to add an explanatory adjective to “coordinator”


  1. Martina
  2. Venanzio
  3. Krishna
  4. Robotica
  5. pakki (Patrick Schiffer)

everybody is “elected”

Coordinators with national and other Pirate Parties:

TODO: Administrators will prepare a page where contributors register together with their skills.



TOP 8 Who will work on what topic?


These are the topics on the pad:

→ You can find links to all different European Pirate Parties programmes here.

To get similarities out of the list of Topics in the different PPs in Europe:


  1. Copyright (korbinian)
  2. Patents (Martina)
  3. Transparency(Phi95Bou)
  4. Data Protection
  5. Open Access (robotica)
  6. Internet and Telecommunications Policy
  7. Democracy and Internal Structure (LK-PP-DE)(Phi95Bou)
  8. Economy (luciana)
  9. Financial Crisis and other Financial Policies(luciana)
  10. Social Issues and Employment Policies (korbinian)
  11. Migration (korbinian), (hephaestus2)
  12. Energy Supply Policies (robotica)
  13. Environmental Policies (Evpok)
  14. Food Supply Policies
  15. Infrastructure and Mobility Policies
  16. Education Policies
  17. Health Policies (polnetz)
  18. Security Policies (pakki)
  19. EU Enlargement(Phi95Bou)
  20. International Relations (Venanzio, pakki)
  21. Development Policies

TODO: Everyone chooses a topic which they are interested in and collects all parts relating to it in the different PPs programmes and tries to find someone to translate them from the skills list (See TOP 7). Also everyone with a language skill should try to offer their help with this about all topics. Every topic should have their own pad which should be linked to on this pad:, so that everyone can find it.

TODO: Pakki will try to find someone from PP-BE and PP-NL.

News and Links to @korbinian and not only via ML.

TOP 9 Miscellaneous

Next meeting:

Doodle? Martina will put one up after this meeting. → 22/05/2012 21:30 CEST


Meeting was closed at 0:56 CEST.

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