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second Or-Ga Meeting for upcoming Council Meeting (12.11.20)


- Exile (PP-CAT, PP-DE)

- Oktavia (PP-IS)

- Katla (PP-IS)

- Alessandro (PP-IT) - joined in later

video recording of last online CM-Meeting:


1.1 Moderation (3-4 moderators/chairpersons)

Volunteers to Chair the meeting: - Katla (PP-IS) - Okta (PP-IS) - Alessandro (PP-IT)

Proposals: Mikulas,…

1.2. technical assistants - means You tube channel chat, Mattermost chat, taking care about delegates problems, etc..) - 2 persons at least at a time!

Volunteers - Exile (PP-DE) - Mia (PP-DE - only saturday)

1.3. Minutes takers and secreteries (include uploading to PP-EU Wiki ?) - 2-3 persons at a time!

- no one till now ?

1.4. what else ? Social media person (1 at least) - including: Open Beer room all night long ?

Who is chair of young Pirates? Ask them to do social media and maybe Beer night? Via email: Katla will ask the young pirates if they can take care about saturday night socializing as well as social media over the weekend. Can have many rooms open that people can visit on the night of 28th. Katla proposes to assign a room to different groups that will have different things going on in each room.

–> E-mail has been sent to the young Pirates of Europe

Need to get the meeting proposals and such on to WIKI site (see also line 8)

* update wiki before the meeting

* Updates to the wiki during the meeting

* final updates and uploads after the meeting

Proposed agenda (at the moment)

proposed agenda includes: Invited guests

… what guests are available ?, interesting ?… and who takes care of inviting them. WHAT ABOUT A GUEST? WHO IS COOL ENOUGH? I think we need someone inspiring I agree.

further proposals

Mikulas opens the meeting, proposes the chair and secretary. Maybe introduces the code of conduct as guidelines for the meeting.

General rules of the meeting:

  • How to get the word/to speak? Raising a hand in jitsi. Secretary + Chair pay close attention to who is first, but ask meeting also for patience. +1 (order of speakers will be left in final decision to the chairperson, if needed there will be made a speaker list by technical assistants)

General time for disscussions?

  • How long should each person have the talking stick? –> 2 minutes
  • Any response –> 1 minute
  • The chairperson will have the right to close the speakers list on a certain item
  • Any delegate will have the right to propose closing the speakers list on a certain item, with one other backing the Chair must close the speakers list.


  • How to cast votes? The chair asks delegate from each member. Delegate answers. If they don´t answer right away they are asked again at the end of the line.
  • Should we ask the Council Meeting to decide in which order votes are cast? –> Lets talk about it at Board meeting on sunday.
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