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Welcome European Pirates!

This wiki was creeated to facilitate the shaping the idea of a European Pirate Party / European Pirates. There is a lot of documentation from that process here. It is also used as a source of information for the European Pirate Party, which was founded in Brussels on the 21st of March 2014.

The website for the European Pirate Party can be found here:

Minutes from the founding meeting and from board meetings can be found here:

Information about the upcoming Council Meeting in Brussels in July 2015 can be found here:

* First Council Meeting July 17th and 18th 2015, Brussels, Belgium

Old stuff from the founding process (some might be obsolete)

The blog keeps you informed about news regarding PPEU matters, but you can also follow us at the European Pirates accounts in Twitter and Facebook.

The negotiation process for the foundation of the European Pirate Party was declared complete at the Warsaw conference.

The programme working group takes the programmes of all participating parties as input and compiles a list of common and conflicting fragments for their consideration for a common European programme.

The statutes working group creates the statutes and other high level documents required for the creation of a European party recognized by the EU.

Both groups meet biweekly in mumble. You will find specific details within the administration pages of the working groups or in the calendar.

The Euroliquid working group is the experimental starting point for the first European party with participated democracy in future.

This is an overview about relevant working pads.

There is an ongoing process to select a logo and corporate image for the European Pirates.

PPs in EU and EFTA countries

<olmap id=“olmap” width=“650px” height=“600px” lat=“52.0” lon=“5.1” zoom=“5” statusbar=“0” toolbar=“1” controls=“0” poihoverstyle=“0” baselyr=“OpenStreetMap” > 48.2081743, 16.3738189,0,.8,piratenpartei.png,PP-AT
50.8503396, 4.3517103,0,.8,piratenpartei.png,PP-BE
fetch.php_hash_1eb3c1_w_25_media_http_3a_2f_2fa5.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net_2fhphotos-ak-snc6_2f167419_10150838161095796_1696750869_n.jpg 42.6964917, 23.3260106,0,.8,piratenpartei.png,PP-BG
41.387917, 2.1699187,0,.8,clock.png,PP-CAT Conference September 15th & 16th
46.9479222, 7.4446085,0,.8,piratenpartei.png,PP-CH
35.1666667, 33.3666667,0,.8,piratenpartei.png,PP-CY
logo.jpg 50.0878114, 14.4204598,0,.8,piratenpartei.png,PP-CZ
52.519171, 13.4060912,0,.8,piratenpartei.png,PP-DE
55.6760968, 12.5683371,0,.8,piratenpartei.png,PP-DK
59.4426896, 24.7531972,0,.8,piratenpartei.png,PP-EE
40.4166909, -3.7003454,0,.8,piratenpartei.png,PP-ES
60.1665856, 24.9435553,0,.8,piratenpartei.png,PP-FI
48.856614, 2.3522219,0,.8,piratenpartei.png,PP-FR
42.8804471, -8.5463034,0,.8,piratenpartei.png,PP-GAL
start 51.5073346, -0.1276831,0,.8,piratenpartei.png,PP-GB
37.9753357, 23.7361497,0,.8,piratenpartei.png,PP-GR
47.4984056, 19.0407578,0,.8,piratenpartei.png,PP-HU
45.814912, 15.9785145,0,.8,piratenpartei.png,PP-HR
53.344104, -6.2674937,0,.8,piratenpartei.png,PP-IE
64.135338, -21.89521,0,.8,piratenpartei.png,PP-IS, Píratapartýiš Island
41.8905198, 12.4942486,0,.8,piratenpartei.png,PP-IT
54.6893865, 25.2800243,0,.8,piratenpartei.png,PP-LT
303455_355420207830525_2075516765_n.jpg 49.815273, 6.129583,0,.8,piratenpartei.png,PP-LU
56.9462031, 24.1042872,0,.8,piratenpartei.png,PP-LV
35.89779, 14.514106,0,.8,piratenpartei.png,PP-MT
start 52.3702157, 4.8951679,0,.8,piratenpartei.png,PP-NL
59.9138688, 10.7522454,0,.8,piratenpartei.png,PP-NO
start 52.2296756, 21.0122287,0,.8,piratenpartei.png,PP-PL
partia_piratow_logo.jpg 38.706932, -9.1356321,0,.8,piratenpartei.png,PP-PT
44.437711, 26.0973669,0,.8,piratenpartei.png,PP-RO
59.32893, 18.06491,0,.8,piratenpartei.png,PP-SE
46.0514263, 14.5059655,0,.8,piratenpartei.png,PP-SI
48.1462386, 17.1072618,0,.8,piratenpartei.png,PP-SK
62931_477480503572_1175091_n.jpg </olmap>

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