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This table lists the nearest dates and processes for the various parties to approve the European Pirates goals proposed at the Paris Conference.

Abbr. Country Status Date Approval method Source/s
AT Austria
FR France Approved 02/06/2013 FPC/GA
DE Germany Approved 12/05/2013 FPC/GA
PT Portugal
BE Belgium Approved 24/03/2013 FPC/GA
CAT Catalonia Approved 27/02/2013 OA
GB United Kingdom
CZ Czech Republic
EE Estonia Approved 15/06/2013 FPC/GA on lines 210-263
FI Finland
GR Greece Approved 04/03/2013 OA
HR Croatia Approved 09/04/2013 FPC/GA
IE Ireland
IT Italy
KZ Kazakhstan
LU Luxembourg
NL Netherlands
NO Norway Approved
PO Poland Approved 10/07/2013 AR
RO Romania
RU Russia
SI Slovenia
SK Slovakia
ES Spain
SE Sweden Approved 01/05/2013 OA
CH Switzerland
UA Ukraine
DK Denmark
BG Bulgaria
CY Cyprus
LV Latvia
LT Lithuania
MT Malta

FPC = Federal Party Convention
CM = Council Meeting
GA = Grassroot Approval
DA = Delegate Approval
AR = As Required
OA = Online Assembly
(To be completed as needed)

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