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<hidden onHidden=“O10 ⇲” onVisible=“O10 ⇱” initialState=“visible”> The Association aims to </hidden>

<hidden onHidden=“O20 ⇲” onVisible=“O20 ⇱” initialState=“visible”>

  • develop close work relations between and among the party members, their parliamentary, european, national and regional groups, the groups in the other parliamentary assemblies and the parties which have the same political platform outside the European Union


<hidden onHidden=“O30 ⇲” onVisible=“O30 ⇱” initialState=“visible”>

  • identify and inform about common policies between the Pirates of Europe;


<hidden onHidden=“O40 ⇲” onVisible=“O40 ⇱” initialState=“visible”>

  • strive for implementing these common policies at EU level;


<hidden onHidden=“O50 ⇲” onVisible=“O50 ⇱” initialState=“visible”>

  • coordinate election campaigns for the European Parliament on request of the member parties;


<hidden onHidden=“O60 ⇲” onVisible=“O60 ⇱” initialState=“visible”>

  • organize Pan-European assemblies, conferences and conventions


<hidden onHidden=“O70 ⇲” onVisible=“O70 ⇱” initialState=“visible”>

  • act as a contact for the European institutions and representatives to the European Pirate movement


<hidden onHidden=“O80 ⇲” onVisible=“O80 ⇱” initialState=“visible”>

  • establish the Pirate movement in the public's eye, the European Union and Europe as a whole and


<hidden onHidden=“O90 ⇲” onVisible=“O90 ⇱” initialState=“visible”>

  • voice and broadcast for its member parties policies and discussions of interest on request of its members.


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