The European Pirate Party

Draft structure



  • Purpose of the organization
  • Jurisdiction
  • Founding country


  • What to take care of?
    • Fund generation
    • Election support
  • What not to take care of?
    • Provide own candidates
    • Create programme on its own
  • Extension of competences
  • Procedure in case of unlawful action


  • Board, chambers, secretaries, representatives, observers
  • Assembly procedure,
  • Criteria for capability of making decisions


  • Membership classes with representation, competences and duties (founder, full, selected rights, observer,…)
  • Admission of new members
  • Termination of membership
  • how to register new members (e.g. who are not founding members)
  • how to unregister members? can everyone be unregistered?


  • which election mode will be the best for the first assembly of the founding of PPEU?


  • Mediation
  • Court


  1. what is the process for dealing with changes to a nation's programme?
    1. check conflicts / parallels
    2. what is the criteria to make it “common”? Can everyone vote and call it so? At least 60% must agree (or no conflict sufficient?) to call it common?
  2. should (changes to) national programmes be automatically proposed to PP-EU? Which fraction of it (e.g. if Luxembourg votes on a new bridge or Switzerland on increasing the toll fee for St. Gotthard that may not be of PP-EU interest)
  3. should all proposals by any pirate be translated into other languages or should translation progress according to its acceptance?
    1. what is the threshhold for translation into all languages? 15% acceptance in at least 25 % of the member countries?
    2. what are the criteria to join subsume proposals?
  4. what are the coordination areas and competences? Any decision power?
    1. At what time has one coordination terminated?



  • Funding
  • Fees
  • Distribution
  • Treasurer
  • Distributution of funds
  • Time consumption
  • Working staff / coordinators




  • Links to relevant texts / laws
  • Excerpts of relevant texts / laws

Other potential topics:

  1. who declares the statutes and who might change the statutes in the future?
  2. “code of conduct”? “pool of principles”?