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This table lists the Election Results of the various parties which may be used for the voting weight and/or the membership fee.

The magnitude noted here should be the absolute number of voters (and the year in parentheses).

Abbr. Country Last EU elections Last national elections Last regional elections Last local elections (only if no other is available) Source/s
AT Austria
FR France 33.318 (2012) Wiki
DE Germany 229.464 (2009) 847.870 (2009) 75.539 (2013) ./. EU
NDS (Lower Saxony)
PT Portugal
BE Belgium 2.200 (2010) 53.263 (2012)
CAT Catalonia n/a Congress: 21.771 (2011)
Senate: 32.361 (2011)
18.219 (2012) 6.530 (2011) + coalitions Congress (Actually, this official page is wrong, but you can get the right number just by counting the four Catalan provinces. xD)
Senate: B G T Ll
UK United Kingdom
CZ Czech Republic
EE Estonia
FI Finland
GR Greece n/a 14.170 (2012) n/a n/a National
IE Ireland
IT Italy
KZ Kazakhstan
LU Luxembourg
NL Netherlands
NO Norway
PO Poland
RO Romania
RU Russia
SI Slovenia
SK Slovakia
ES Spain
SE Sweden 225.915 (2009)
CH Switzerland
UA Ukraine
DK Denmark
BG Bulgaria
CY Cyprus
LV Latvia
LT Lithuania
MT Malta
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