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PPEU statutes working group meeting minutes

Channel:   International -> PPEU
Schedule:  24.05.2012   21:30 CEST
Minutes:   Everyone
Chairman:  Martina
Start:     21:35 CEST
End:       23:48(??) CEST
Next meet: In regular


  1. Administration
  2. Architecture
  3. Vision
  4. Statutes
  5. Founding / Real life meeting
  6. Miscellanea


  1. Stefan Thöni (Exception, PP-CH
  2. Thomas Bruderer (Apophis, PP-CH
  3. Steffen Ortmann (@ortsman; Steffen_TH; PPI, PP-DE
  4. Luciana ( PP-IT
  5. Robotica (Daniele Monteleone) ( PP-IT
  6. Muriel ( PP-CAT
  7. Krishna ( PP-DE
  8. Martina P. (; @LunaLoof) PP-DE
  9. Jack Allnutt ( @M2Ys4U) PP-UK
  10. Exile ( PP-DE,PP-ES,PP-CAT
  11. Miguel Angel ( PP-CAT
  12. Wolferl PP-DE (
  13. Andreas Schelper ( @tracktuner) PP-DE
  14. Pappasadrian PP-GR
  15. Torben @weezerle PP-DE
  16. Dario Vidovic (
  17. Justus Römeth PPDE
Elect Keeper of the minutes

Candidates: Everyone

Elect chairman

Candidates: Martina (elected)

Approve last meeting's protocol

Comments (who): Approved

Approve today's agenda

Comments (who): Approved

Introduction round
  • Apophis (president) will formally represent PP-CH
  • Ansis will formally represent PP-LV
Previous ToDos
Topic What Who When Status
Send invitation letters Muriel, Krishna, Martina gold patch


Topic What Who When Type
1.1 Party-Only model Steffen 1), Exception, Jack A 2)
1.2 Hybrid Model Steffen, Justus, crackpille, Abri, Phi95Bou, Exception, Polnetz, Marin, Torben
1.3. Based on individual membership Abri 3), Daniele Monteleone, dude
2. Which Parties for full membership ? 4) Marin, Exception, Steffen, Apophis, Exile
3. Additional Memberships Marin, Steffen
4. Country of Legal Personality? 5) Sven, Marin
5. Name of the Party Marin, Polnetz, dude
6. General Provisions Polnetz, Jack A, Luciana
7. Different Models of Organs/Institutions of PPEU


Topic What Who When Type
Preamble Both working groups work on a common preamble in R
program group work results We should also put the cornerstones of the program as output by the PPEU-PRG-WG as goals of the association. Steffen R (?)


Topic What Who When Type

Founding / real life meeting

Topic What Who When Type
Founding I would like to present an offer to host the founding conference in Luxembourg and hope this is the right place (in the agenda) to do it. [Jerry] This place is fine, but I suppose we will also talk about it in TOP 4 because of the invitation letters. Jerry I
Founding We should probably just set a deadline (mid-june?) for applications for hosting the founding conference. ??
Founding Is there already a time-frame when it will be done? Some date in Fall should be the founding date ??
Founding the founding meeting should not be decentralized to avoid legal difficulties?? R (?)
Real life We should announce upcoming meetings at every PPEU-mumble (programme, statutes, etc) R (?)
Real life Reallife PP-EU meeting in Aarau (Switzerland. All information needed: ?? I
Real life Starting on Friday, 8th of June, we will have regular meetings on Pirate-European topics in Hanover, everyone is very welcome to join us (place tba, sleeping spots in abundance) ?? I


Topic What Who When Type
PP Galicia PP Galicia is an independant PP, invited, and registered ML Muriel I
Albania Albania is the last PP who needed invitation (done via facebook) Steffen I
Architecture On which topic(s) do you like to work? Please choose a place to start. Of course, you can help with all topics. The more input, the better! Everyone T
Skill list If you are not a member of the PPEU-PRG-WG, but like to help out with your special (language) skills, please register at Contributors Everyone T
Invitation letter Send friendly reminder / option to name alternative founding dates / locations / registration page for MLs Krishna, Martina, Muriel T

Type: I=Information, T=Todo, R=Resolution
Status: bad pirate=not started / late, good pirate=progressing in time, Gold patch=done

not my favourite option but since it is rather simple it can be a starting point
ditto Steffen
No 2 and No 3 might correspond (almost in German law regarding juridical bodies, isn't it)
influences both, 1.1 and 1.2
May influence, how the party-structure can look at all
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