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PPEU statutes working group meeting minutes

Channel:   International -> PPEU
Schedule:  19.06.2012   21:30 CEST
Minutes:   Everyone
Chairman:  Martina
Start:     21:40 CEST
End:       00:00 CEST
Next meet: In regular (new frequency)


  1. Administration
  2. Architecture
  3. Vision
  4. Statutes
  5. Aarau / measurement scenarios
  6. Proposed draft statutes from Jack Allnutt
  7. Miscellanea


  1. Klaas Mensaert klamens [at] PP-BE
  2. Julia Reda julia.reda [at] PP-DE
  3. Krishna (Balaji Mohan) krishna [at] PP-DE
  4. Steffen Ortmann (@ortsman; Steffen_TH; steffen.ortmann [at] PPI, PP-DE, left early
  5. Mattias Bjärnemalm mattias.bjarnemalm [at] PPSE
  6. Jack Allnutt (j.allnutt [at] @M2Ys4U) PPUK (as individual)
  7. Stefan Thöni (stefan.thoeni [at] PP-CH
  8. [Anders] [@andersch_be; pp-eu [at]][PP-DE]
  9. Martina Pöser (martina.poeser [at] PP-DE
  10. Stephen Ogden (Azrael, s.ogden [at] PP-UK (as individual)
  11. Pascal Fouquet, PP-CH
  12. Muriel (muriel [at] PPCAT
Elect Keeper of the minutes

Candidates: Everyone

Elect chairman

Candidates: Krishna, Martina (both elected)

Approve last meeting's protocol
Approve today's agenda

Comments (who): Approved

Previous ToDos
Topic What Who When Status
Architecture / 1.3. Individual membership separate structural and tools discussion in separate pads robotica plank
Aarau So, what happened there? is separate agenda item golden eye patch


Topic What Who When Type
1.1 Party-Only model Steffen, Exception, Jack A, Stephen O
1.2 Hybrid Model Steffen, Justus, crackpille, Abri, Phi95Bou, Exception, Polnetz, Marin, Torben
1.3. Individual membership (Permanent Assembly) Abri 1), robotica, dude, pakki

2 Members

2.1 Which Parties for full membership ? 2) Marin, Exception, Steffen, Apophis, Exile (silver coin)
2.2. Additional Memberships (better: Option for additional memberships) Marin, Steffen (plank)
4. Country of Legal Personality? 3) Sven, Marin (plank)

Brussels proposed as seat and legal jurisdiction (Mattias)

5. Name of the Party Marin, Polnetz, dude
6. General Provisions Polnetz, Jack A, Luciana (plank)
7. Different Models of Organs/Institutions of PPEU (plank)


Topic What Who When Type


Topic What Who When Type
statutes topics We will collect items in the list below that the later statutes may / should cover. R
Topics Moved the collected topics with Aarau topics to krishna

Aarau / Measurement scenarios

Aarau general feedback / report

Topic What Who When Type
Personal report (german) anders
short report Julia
Topics PPEU either as association of individual parties + MEP, but without its own programme, or as actual party + MEP with own programme julia


In Aarau it was proposed to establish an automatic kill switch (AKS) to self destruct when EU election regulations change, and “at all costs”. That seemed excessive to non-participants.

Topic What Who When Type
AKS Fear of to much bureaucracy. Pirates getting “comfortable” can be avoided by forcefully dissolving the PPEU (AKS). julia
such an architecture without any individual participation may be hard to sell to pirates luna
suggestive feedback from individual pirates at European level, not as binding programme decision luna
in case of too much bureaucracy or abuse pirates are going to revolt anyway, no need for automation krishna
Declaration of intent in the statutes to work towards individual membership and Pan-European elections. luna
actions for a scenario too far in the future with unknown circumstances should not be decided now azrael
let “our children” decide then and there krishna
rather have pirates unanimously undo the kill switch julia
safety against too much bureaucracy/abuse julia
what if the regulations are changed in a bad way (e.g. paneuro elections for already established parties - why kill our only chance by automation)? Shouldn't the reactions be decided then?
have “them” follow us, not adjust to “them”,
[remark: i.e. create GD not when the election system wants to, but we want to and are ready]
AKS is not the only way to solve the problem that it addresses. Not necessarily required at this stage. R
Voting systems greens have weighted voting system according to their strengths in countries / MEPs M2Ys4U
suggestion: square root of total votes for the pirate party in the country / factor
example: PP-DE get's 10% of 40 mio votes → 4 mio votes → 2.000 / factor
example2: PP-LU get's 10% of 400 k votes → 40k votes → 200 / factor
The voting system should encourage the parties to receive good results in elections to minimize the influence of inactive parties. mad
How to decide the vote is dependent on the tasks of the organisation. If the organisation is only coordinating, the one-party-one-vote-model and any other model would be unproblematic. Krishna
How to decide the vote is dependent of what to vote about. If the organisation is only coordinating, the one-party-one-vote-model and any other model would be unproblematic. For other decisions some sort of weighting may be required. krishna
fair, equal system or incentives for election results? mab
Founding & seat national law may influence restrictions on statutes Jerry (?), Luna, Sven(?) T
find outsider lawyer for consulting m2ys4u
process: first outline the statutes, then check for suitable countries and check details krishna
the first and next step is to decide about goals / vision R
Live meetingsfinancial support for foreign parties? Discuss via ML ACT T
Election and PPEU can be dealt with seprately. No need for hastiness. mab
High media effect would be best for a just-in-time founding before the elections
meetings every two months, not sooner R
no info about Strassbourg dates krishna
skip the august meeting R
Prague decl. approval postponed from last week's board meeting by the Swedish PP. After the Barcelona meeting there is no other board meeting before the national assembly of Swedish PP in November (only way would be to prepone the Sept. meeting. mad

Proposed draft statutes from Jack Allnutt

* Steve Allnutt's working pad / proposal
* ML was notified:

Topic What Who When Type
structural input from Krishna useful Jack
individual participation missing ?
maybe do not artificially limit ourselves to conditions made by others (e.g. EU competences). If we do that it is difficult to create change. krishna
“good job”, many bullets points useful, no major objections so far
more than one statutes variant should be created to allow actual voting by the parties' basesluna


Topic What Who When Type
Schedule change in statutes group Maybe if there are enough people in the statutes group we can decide to meet more often again ( not required for programme group). Ask Statutes group ACT golden eye patch
no change R
Founding meeting Inform the parties about new founding meeting dates (plus other meeting dates?). Before that check with Justus Römeth about final dates for the Strassbourgh meeting. ACT golden eye patch
check for meeting option 1st/2nd September in Barcelona → check with SE mad muriel and krishna T

Type: I=Information (default), T=Todo, R=Resolution
Status: plank=not started / late, silver coin=progressing in time, golden eye patch patch=done

No 2 and No 3 might correspond (almost in German law regarding juridical bodies, isn't it)
influences, 1.1, 1.2, and 1.3
May influence, how the party-structure can look at all
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