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PPEU.Statutes meeting minutes

Channel:  International -> PPEU
Schedule: 09.08.2012   21:30 CEST
Minutes:  XX / Everyone
Chairman: Martina
Start:    21:39 CEST
End:      23:01 CEST
Approved:  Yes

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  1. Administration
  2. Architecture
  3. Statutes
  4. Your topic
  5. Miscellanea
    1. Píratapartýiš Island added


Elect Keeper of the minutes

Candidates: everyone

Elect chairman

Candidates: Martina

Approve last meeting's protocol

Comments (who): Approved

Approve today's agenda

Comments (who): Approved

Previous ToDos
Topic What Who When Status
Architecture / 1.3. Individual membership separate structural and tools discussion in separate pads robotica silver coin
InvolvementDiscussion about the involvement of the other European PPs. Muriel will encourage them to take part in the process when the international coordinators meet for the International Coordinators meeting on PPEU next week.robotica, Muriel eye-patch
Paneuropean candidates Check and track legality whether Pan-European candidates are allowed to register in one list of Candidates from all over Europe Martina 14.08.2012eye-patch
Hybrid model Another hybrid model by Alexander Spieß / Kai GöddeKai09.08.2012silver coin
Barcelona StreamingKai will ask Piratorama about costs if they stream the Barcelona meeting.Kai09.08.2012eye-patch
Piratorama would need about 300-500 € for travel and accomodation costs Kai
Dario (PPCAT) was organising this, Pirate Streaming (PwB) will help us and it is much cheaper Muriel
PwB streaming


1. Structure

1.1 Party-Only model
WhoSteffen, Exception, Jack A, Stephen O
1.2 Hybrid Model
WhoSteffen, Justus, crackpille, Abri, Phi95Bou, Exception, Polnetz, Marin, Torben
1.3. Individual membership (Permanent Assembly)
1.4 Transitional model

2. Members

2.1 Full membership (parties)
WhoMarin, Exception, Steffen, Apophis, Exile
2.2. Additional Memberships
4. Name of the Party
WhoMarin, Polnetz, dude
5. General Provisions
WhoPolnetz, Jack A, Luciana
6. Different Models of Organs/Institutions of PPEU


Most of the Goals from Potsdam are activities or too general. Instead we use these goals and complete with missing activities:

  • Strong cooperation between the different European Pirate Parties
  • Common policies between the Pirates of Europe
  • Changed laws according to those policies
  • Establishment of the Pirate movement in the public's eye
  • Coordinated election campaigns for the EU parliament on request by the parties
  • Paneuropean assemblies / conferences / conventions
  • Become the go-to place for the European institutions and representatives
  • Voice and Broadcaster for PPs (on request), policies, discussions of interest


  • Krishna added the Pirateparty Iceland to the wiki.
  • Translations on Wiki in preparations
  • A UK delegate will come to Barcelona.
  • Barcelona:
    • Write a table of contents with abstracts
    • Prepare material in one place
    • Prepare draft statutes
    • Write summaries for the different models

—- Type: I=Information, T=Todo, R=Resolution
Status: plank=not started/late, silver coin=in time, golden eye patch patch=done

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