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PPEU.Statutes meeting minutes

Channel:   International -> PPEU
Schedule:  30.08.2012   21:30 CEST
Minutes:   XX / Everyone
Chairman:  Krishna
Start:     21:35 CEST
End:       23:25 CEST
Approved:  Pending

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  1. Administration
  2. Architecture
  3. Statutes
  4. Barcelona agenda
    1. what to discuss
    2. what to vote about
  5. Miscellanea


  1. Krishna (PP-DE)
  2. Luna (PP-DE)
  3. ZombB (PP-DE)
Elect Keeper of the minutes

Candidates: everyone

Elect chairman

Candidates: krishna

Approve last meeting's protocol

Comments (who): Approved

Approve today's agenda

Comments (who): Approve

Previous ToDos
Topic What Who When Status
separate structural and tools discussion in separate pads robotica silver coin
Another hybrid model by Alexander Spieß / Kai GöddeKai09.08.2012silver coin




Barcelona Agenda
Barcelona Infos

  • Minute keepers?
  • Number of current members in your PP?
  • Voting?
  • Many small parties in one State and voting?
  • New PPs which are not a party yet?
  • Assessment or voting on application of a new member?

Criteria could be that they are eligible to run in elections rather than being a “legal party”

  • voting weights discussion so far:
    • 1 Pirate, 1 Vote (per Member Party)
    • 1 vote per PP (does not reflect size or pirate activity)
    • Square root of population (does not reflect pirate activity)
    • Square root of total votes in last election (does not reflect pirate activity in small countries well)
    • Proportional (linear) distribution base on total votes and vote percentage (copies from the European Greens)
    • weights based on member size
  • only ordinary and associate members who have paid their fees are able to vote.
  • (UK has 12 constituencies for EU elections)
  • different systems in various countries make weights depending on vote results difficult
  • prepare a slide about how the parties distribute voting weights of other parties
  • majorities: Belgian law names certain majorities for ruling.
  • → Gregory is delegate for Kazachstan, maybe 2,3 others,
  • rather ask question like “how should it be done”?
  • a digital vote should be unchangeable, so maybe not doodle

* seat:

  • Luxemburg, association law not complicated and available in German
  • Malta with English as language
  • vote:
  • one party one vote
  • all motions must be tabled
  • all motions in writing handed to the assistant moderator
  • Krishna and a few others will meet on Friday afternoon to prepare the Rules of Procedure and the bullet points for voting on. in NH hotel
  • European citizen initiative on Sunday

* voting procedure (including motions)

  • what do we need urgently:
    • one party one vote
    • remote delegates can vote
    • if they are not already known, they must be announce at the pp-leaders ML beforehand –> send request for that (Stefan Thöni)
  • voting questions

Type: I=Information, T=Todo, R=Resolution
Status: plank=not started/late, silver coin=in time, golden eye patch patch=done

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