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Preamble for the PPEU

Origin Text
EGP Statutes:

The European Green Party represents Green Parties from all over Europe, and we are part of the Global Green family. We stand proudly for sustainable development and respect of human rights, built on the values of environmental responsibility, equality, freedom, justice, diversity and peace.

Greens face the challenges of the 21st century by seeking to shape society in an innovative way.

We propose policies for social solidarity and coherence compatible with sound economic and financial governance and which guarantee sustainability within our changing societies. For us and for generations to come.

These Statutes replace and supercede the previous Statutes of the European Green Party published in the Moniteur Belge on 25/09/2008.

Rule Book:

The European Green Party, in its mission to work for an ecologically sound, socially and economically sustainable Europe, upholding fundamental human rights, welcomes Green political parties, associates and affiliated organisations which wish to join.

Members of the European Green Party show a commitment towards the development and implementation of Green policies and practices and wherever possible strive for Green representation at all political levels. It is essential that Members of the European Green Party recognise their rights and fulfil their responsibilities as an integral part of the European Green Party.

From the outset the European Greens have recognised that there is great diversity in the traditions, attitudes and policies of its Members, and considers this diversity as a strength.

Political associations do not always define themselves as 'Greens' or even as 'parties' for a variety of reasons, determined by the circumstances of the country or system within which they operate.

The European Green Party is proud of its variety of affiliations and the openness towards all organisations that promote Green policies.

The European Green Party safeguards its reputation by the credibility, accountability and reputation of its Members.

Members acknowledge the right of the European Green Party to question and scrutinize its Members as regards their continued adherence to the Membership criteria and to act when the European Green Party's reputation is at risk.

The European Green Party Rule Book is complementary to the European Green Party Statutes. The Rule Book describes and defines the operating rules of the European Green Party and clarifies the definitions used in the Statutes and the composition of the bodies of the European Green Party.

Information that is subject to change due to changes in membership, representation, budget or Council decisions on activities is represented in Annexes that are updated annually.
EFA The European Free Alliance

Non-Profit Organisation

Official address Woeringenstraat 19, 1000 Brussels

Organisation number 866016691

Changing of statutes

From the Minutes of the meeting of the General Assembly in Rennes of the 27th and 28th of May 2005, after deliberation the General Assembly decided the following with unanimity:

The General Assembly decides to change the statutes of the organisation resulting in the following co-ordinated text of the statutes that deletes and replaces every earlier version that was tabled and published.
EL We unite democratic parties of the alternative and progressive Left on the European continent that strive for the consistent transformation of today's social relationships into a peaceful and socially just society on the basis of the diversity of our situations, our histories and our common values.

Therefore we refer to the values and traditions of the socialist, communist and labour movement, of feminism, the feminist movement and gender equality, of the environmental movement and sustainable development, of peace and international solidarity, of human rights, humanism and antifascism, of progressive and liberal thinking, both nationally and internationally. We work together in the tradition of the struggles against capitalist exploitation, ecological destruction, political oppression and criminal wars, against fascism and dictatorship, in resistance to patriarchal domination and discrimination against “others”.

We defend this legacy of our movement which inspired and contributed to securing the social certainties of millions of people. We keep the memory of these struggles alive including the sacrifices and the sufferings in the course of these struggles. We do this in unreserved disputation with undemocratic, stalinist practices and crimes, which were in absolute contradiction to socialist and communist ideals.

The political and economic developments in the capitalist societies at the beginning of the 21st century create the necessity and the possibility for parties of the Left, for democratic movements and alternative social forces, when working out and realising social alternatives not only to take into account all aspects of globalisation and internationalisation. Europe as a new space for the integration of more and more countries in East and West, in North and South is both an opportunity and a challenge to regain the political initiative for Left forces. We want and have to most closely combine our work on this political level with the social activities of members and sympathizers of the party organisations within the communities, regions and nation states.

We are doing it in sharp rejection of and developing an alternative to capitalism and to the financial hegemonic groups with its worldwide attempts of pushing through neo-liberal policies into the daily life of the peoples by the so-called political and economic elites.

And we want and have to do so being not a force free of contradictions, having differing views on many issues. But we are united in resisting political incapacitation and taking part in common struggles for an alternative that has freedom, equality, justice and solidarity as its goals.

With this international approach we declare:

The Left is willing to take on responsibility in Europe and the world for the shaping of our societies, to work out political alternatives, to promote them among the public and to win the required majorities.

Liberal internationalisation and globalisation are no phenomena of nature but the result of political developments and decisions. Therefore we stand consequently against the neo-liberal policy of dealing with these challenges, against war and militarization. Just now courage and confidence must be given to the people that the world is not a commodity, that a new world of peace, democracy, sustainability and solidarity is possible.
PES ./.
EUD ./.


1. Freie Demokratische Partei (FDP), incorporated as 'declared association' under German Law, (eingetragener Verein), whose registered office is located in Berlin, represented by Werner Hoyer, holder of a written power-of-attorney,


2. Volkspartij voor Vrijheid en Democratie (VVD), incorporated as 'association with full legal personality', (Vereiniging met volledige rechtsbevoegheid), under Dutch Law, whose registered office is located in The Hague, represented by Bas Eenhoorn, holder of a written power-of-attorney,

hereinafter collectively referred to as “the Parties”.


The Parties, national political parties located in Europe and defending liberal, democratic and reformist ideals, wish to incorporate an international non-profit association governed by Belgian law, named “European Liberal Democrat and Reform Party”.


By this agreement, the Parties decide to incorporate an international non-profit association governed by Belgian law, with the following Articles of Association:
EDP On the basis,

-of a commitment for a Europe that is more and more politically integrated, and of the construction of a democratic Union that is free and united,

-of a joint will to construct a politically clear vision for a common future with the final goal of constructing a political Europe that shall also be a “Europe of Solidarity.”

-of the necessary support of the european institutions as the key instrument for the construction of the future of the European Union.

-of a plan for a Europe in peace and prosperity , founded on values composed of peace, of freedom, of democracy, of solidarity and of education.

We will establish the European Democratic Party.

By this agreement, the parties of the countries, of the historical nations and of the regions of the European Union that share the common values and the principles indicated in this preface, compose the European Democratic Party (EDP).
EPP Political parties at European level are important as a factor for integration within the European Union. They contribute to forming a European awareness and to expressing the political will of the citizens of the Union.“ (Article 191 of the Treaty establishing the European Community).

On the basis

- of the Christian view of mankind and the Christian Democratic concept of society,

- of their joint will to create a federal European Union as a Union of free peoples and citizens conscious of their own responsibilities, the Christian Democrat, Centrist and like-minded parties of the European People’s Party as heirs of Europe's Founding Fathers accept these responsibilities and create an international non-profit association.

This association will be a member of the Christian/Centrist Democrat International (CDI), a worldwide organisation of Christian Democrats and like-minded political parties and the International Democrat Union (IDU), a worldwide organization of Conservative, Christian Democrat and like-minded political parties of the centre and centre right.


1) – the “Christen Democratisch Appèl (CDA)”, having the legal personality according to dutch law of an association with full legal competence (Verening met volledige rechtsbevoegdheid), with registered office in 2512 XA Den Haag, Buitenom 18, represented by Wilfried Martens, lawyer, domiciled in 1050 Ixelles (Brussels), place Marie-José 14/10, having the power of attorney to participate in the constitution of the international non-profit association “Parti Populaire Européen, in short PPE/EVP/EPP”;

2) – the “Partido Popular (PP)”, having the legal personality according to spanish law of an association with full legal competency (enregistered in the Register of Political Parties (Ministery of Interior Affairs), with registered office in 28004 Madrid, Calle Génova n°13, represented by Antonio LÓPEZ-ISTÚRIZ, Avda Menendes Pelayo 27, Madrid, Spain, lawyer, having the power of attorney to participate in the constitution of the international non-profit association “Parti Populaire Européen, in short PPE/EVP/EPP”;

agree to create an international non-profit association according to Belgian law and determine its by-laws as follows:
Newropeans Newropeans-Networks is an informal network of organisations and individuals belonging to European civil society (associations, foundations, universities, regions, media, companies, research centres, …) who share the same conviction that the main challenge ahead of the European construction lies in democratizing the EU itself. Based on volunteering, every action of Newropeans wishes to associate in it interested partners willing to contribute to its implementation. The statuses of Newropeans are the following:
PPI Pirate Parties International exists to help establish, to support and promote, and to maintain communication and co-operation between pirate parties around the world.
PP-DE Despite all superficial promises to protect our rights, the digital revolution of all areas of our lives poses unparalleled threats to human dignity and freedom. The speed at which this is happening exceeds the speed at which public opinion, laws and individuals are able to react. At the same time, the opportunities of shaping this process through the democratic framework of individual states are vanishing.

The globalization of knowledge and human culture through digitalization and networking challenges all aspects of our traditional legal, economic and social systems. The wrong responses to this challenge make up just one of the reasons which promote the emergence of a complete totalitarian global police state. The fear of international terrorism makes security seem more important than freedom and mutes many of those who might otherwise defend freedom.

Informational self-determination, free access to knowledge and culture, and privacy protection are the pillars of the information society of the future. Only on this basis can a democratic global order emerge that guarantees social justice and self-determination.

First and foremost, the Pirate Party sees itself as part of a global political movement that wants to shape this order to the benefit of all.

The Pirate Party wants to concentrate on the topics mentioned in the party platform, since we see this as the only way to assert these important demands in the future. At the same time, we believe that these issues should have the support of citizens from all parts of the traditional political spectrum. Choosing sides in this spectrum would obstruct our shared struggle for privacy protection and free knowledge and culture.
Jack Allnuts ./.
Krishna “Convinced that, while remaining proud of their own national identities and history, the peoples of Europe are determined to transcend their former divisions and, united ever more closely, to forge a common destiny,” ([1], Preamble)

Promoting the unviolable and unalienable rights, freedoms and principles as defined in the European charter [2]. Supporting the evolution of democracy towards stronger influence of the European peoples, assuring the transparency for political processes and decision-making.

Forging a common prosperous future for all, aiming for the highest achievements, being the change we like to see in the other people.

[1] European Constitution
Phi95Bou Convinced that, while remaining proud of their own national identities and history, the peoples of Europe are determined to transcend their former divisions and, united ever more closely, to forge a common destiny,” ([1], Preamble)

Respecting the unviolable and unalienable rights of the human person, freedom, democracy, equality and the rule of law. Supporting the evolution of democracy on every level and assuring transparency for political processes and decision-making,

Especially on the European level it is important to bring in more public participation,social policy and to shorten the distance between the people and their representatives.

The term “Union” has to be taken serious and seen as an opportunity to find a balance between local,national and European institutions.

[1] European Constitution
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