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7 Transitional Regulations of PPEU

7 Transitional Regulations of PPEU

ELIf not laid down otherwise all regulations of the statutes by the foundation congress are preliminary set until the first regular Congress of the EL. During that period all parties have the opportunity to ratify the expressed membership-status by the competence organs of each party in accordance to their national party statutes.
During that period the Council of Chairpersons gets particular responsibility for guaranteeing all aspects of the EL's further development in close cooperation with the Executive Board.
EDPExceptionally, the first social period begins this day only to terminate the thirty first of December two thousand and four.
EPPAs a transitional measure, Member Associations that were admitted as a Member Association as at 1 September 2010 and which did not have legal personality at thattime, can continue to operate as an association without legal personality until September 2011.
Jack AllnutsPROTOCOL 1 - Transitional mechanism
Article 1
(1) All Pirate Parties signing these statutes at the founding conference shall be deemed to be Members as per Articles 4 - 9.
Article 2
(1) Prior to the 2014 European Parliament Elections, Articles 16 and 18 - 27 of these statutes shall have no effect.
(2) Following the 2014 European Parliament Elections an extraordinary Congress shall be convened by the Council to bring Articles 16 and 18 - 27 of these statutes in to effect.
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