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Sebastian Krone aka „Bastian“

Personal background

  • Generation 60+ – Living in Potsdam, Germany
  • Active as an IT specialist, consultant, accountant, data protection officer, data security officer, pen-tester and „white head hacker“
  • Married, three adult children with a strong history of law, philosophy and mathematics :)
  • Head of technical teams PPI, PPEU, LV-SN and AG Technik (DS)
  • Member of the Pirate Party Germany since May 2009
  • Individual Member of PPI since 2016
  • Member of the Pirate Party Swiss since May 2018
  • Member of the Pirate Party Austria since May 2019
  • Political work with the PIRATES since 2009
  • Coordinator of “International Coordination Team PP-DE”
  • Organizer of numerous events and party congresses
  • Chair of more than 500 meetings
  • Chairman of the Pirates Potsdam
  • Treasurer PPEU
  • Treasurer PPI
  • Treasurer Pirate Party of Brandenburg until next GA
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