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The various parties may point to coordinators as formal contact persons, until then they are considered interim contact persons.

Instead of distinguishing statutes and programme coordinators we now simply name the official delegates of the various parties as PPEU coordinators.

  • Their tasks include:
    • discuss and vote about the statutes of the new organization
    • coordinate to and from your party and serve as contact person.
    • update PP-EU contacts & documents on changes in schedules & relevant information
    • clarify / translate your party's programs

Please find links to the original programs at Information sources.

PPs from EU countries

Abbr. Country PPEU coordinators
AT Austria No coordinator, contact Central sekretariat
BE Belgium (unconfirmed)
BG Bulgaria (unconfirmed)
CY Cyprus (unconfirmed)
CZ Czech Republic (unconfirmed)
DE Germany Martina Pöser
DK Denmark (unconfirmed)
EE Estonia (unconfirmed)
ES Spain (unconfirmed)
FI Finland (unconfirmed)
FR France Maxime Rouquet
GB United Kingdom (unconfirmed)
GR Greece Antonios Motakis,
HR Hungary (unconfirmed)
IE Ireland (unconfirmed)
IT Italy Jaromil,Alv,Daniele Monteleone, Luciana
LT Lithuania (unconfirmed)
LU Luxembourg (unconfirmed)
LV Latvia Ansis
MT Malta (unconfirmed)
NL Netherlands
PO Poland (unconfirmed)
PT Portugal (unconfirmed)
RO Romania Claudiu Marginean
SI Slovenia (unconfirmed)
SK Slovakia Martin Tibensky
SE Sweden Anna TrobergMattias Bjärnemalm

PPs from regions and parts of EU member states

Abbr. Country PPEU coordinators
CAT Catalonia Muriel
GAL Galicia Isabel

PPs from EFTA countries

Abbr. Country PPEU coordinators
CH Switzerland Pascal Fouquet, Stefan Thöni
NO Norway (unconfirmed)
HR Croatia Maša Utković

PPs from other European countries

KZ Kazakhstan
RU Russia
UA Ukraine Oleksii Ignachuk
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