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Hannover, 18-20 January 2013

Dear fellow Pirates

I would like to cordially invite you to come visit Hanover on the weekend of our election. We want to use the only elections we will have in Germany at that time of the year to do an international workshop on campaigning, aimed at networking internationally election managers and those interested in the topic.

The plan roughly involves a social get together on Friday night, Visiting campaign stands throughout the city on Saturday, and doing a more theoretical part on Sunday (since campaigning is not allowed on election day), which would then end with the election party on Sunday night (so I would like to encourage those who want to come to leave on Monday). We could extend it on Friday to visit a more rural part around Hanover to talk about the difference in urban and rural campaigning, if participants are interested in that and can arrive early on Friday (or late on Thursday), but that would be an optional part.

Please spread this information to those pirates in your local party that are usually involved in managing campaigns. While international coordinators are welcome as well, we hope that we do mainly attract people that are not the usual actors on international pirate things, but can get the parties to connect at different levels as well. In light of the 2014 EP-election it makes sense for those people to know each other, too.

We do not have every detail sorted out yet, but we wanted to give you an opportunity to book travelling and a hotel, should you need one, as early as possible. If funds are tight let us know and we can organize private accommodations. Hanover has an airport that gets serviced from most of Europe, and is a hub for trains and highways within Germany. Nearby airports include Bremen (2h), Hamburg (2h), Hamburg-Lübeck (3h), Berlin (2.5-3h), Leipzig-Halle (2h), Frankfurt am Main (2h) (not Frankfurt Hahn, travelling from there to Hanover is about 5 hours), Cologne-Bonn (3.5h), Düsseldorf (2.5h), Düsseldorf-Weeze (2.5h), Dortmund (2h), Eindhoven (3.5), and Paderborn (1.5h). Germanwings, Tuifly and Air-Berlin service Hanover, Ryanair services Bremen, Lübeck, Weeze, Dortmund and Eindhoven. A few of those are also serviced by Easyjet and Wizzair.

Again, I would like to kindly ask you to not just let international coordinators know, but to also tell those who actually work on the campaigns in your party. The offer is again open to anyone, especially the election party on the night of the 20th.

Kind regards

Justus Römeth

International coordinator of the Pirate Party Lower Saxony

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