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Logo proposals

Below you find proposed logos for the PPEU. At the moment we are just collecting them for display. Please feel free to propose your own image or written idea, if you cannot create images of at least reasonable quality. See below for details.


Propose your own idea

If logos are going to be used in digital media they are often displayed “smaller”, for prints they have to be much “larger”. The easist ways of making them “appear” are to announce them in the mailing list pp-eu [at] (which we react rather quickly to) and / or add them to the pad (which we react less quickly to).

If you want to upload them directly into the wiki through its media manager(editor window's toolbar) please note that some of the originals were large and we thought it useful for transfer speed and volume to reduce their sizes vor viewing purposes only. Large versions of the selected logo are going to be required at a later stage!

For now we took the liberty to:

  • reduce the image sizes to a maximum of 300px per dimension
  • convert them to jpg
  • rename the proposals to prop[n].jpg

If you consider it disadvantegous please write to above ML.

They are either of ratio 1×1 or 1.5×1 so far.

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