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Invitation to the eleventh Council meeting of the European Pirate Party.

Dear all,

As has been previously announced the European Pirate Party will organize it's eleventh Council meeting in Brussels on September 17th. Following up on the save the date email previously sent, this is the formal invitation to the Council meeting.

The meeting will be organised in Hybrid form. We will meet on location in Brussels, but it will also be possible to participate remotely. There will be some separate side events and social events only available to those participants who attend in person, so I would strongly encourage you to send your delegates to Brussels if possible. The venue in Brussels for the Council meeting is Pentahotels Brussels City Centre

One of the side events is a sponsored visitors Group to the European Parliament, taking place Friday 16th of September at 10:00 local time. Those participating in this Visitors Group will be eligible to get paid accomodation for the weekend, and travel reimbursements for their travel to Brussels. The visitors Group is coordinated by Alessandro Ciofini, so please reach out to him for any questions related to this side event. He can be reached by email:

Another side event is an information session in the morning of the 17th organized by our Pirate Delegation in the European Parliament. This will be organized at the same venue as the Council meeting. For questions regarding the Information session you can reach out to our Network Officer Matias Bjärnemalm. He can be reached by email:

You can find more information about the Council meeting, as well as the side events, on our wiki: The agenda for the Council meeting can be found here:

On behalf of the Board,

Mikulas Peksa, Chair

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