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European Pirate Party 11th Council Meeting September 17th, 2022

This conference will take place in Brussels at Pentahotels Brussels City Centre The meeting will start at 13:00 CEST, September 17th.

Link to the meeting:

IF you are a delegate from a member party you will be asked to announce your presence in Jitsi, and supply the following information in the Council Meetings mattermost chat:

  • Your name
  • Which party you are a delegate for
  • If you wield any of the votes of that party

Please be aware that you may be asked to provide documentation that shows that you have been appointed delegate for your party, in there's any uncertainty in the matter.

Save the date email

Invitation email

Practical information email

Draft agenda

Nominated members for Code of Conduct Council

Important Technical Note

The conference will be held as a video conference (e.g. Jitsi), including at the venue. Please bring in your own device (laptop, smart device, etc.) and headphones or earphones to avoid feedback loops. We can only provide a few of USB headphones.

Side Events

There will be a couple of Social and/or side events organised in Brussels to make the visit more interesting for participants

European Parliament Visitors Group, September 16th

Courtesy of MEP Mikulas Peksa, the Weekend kicks off with an organised visit to the European Parliament on Friday, September 16th.

Pirate Delegation Information Session, September 17th 10h-13h

Our Pirate Delegation, namely Mikulas, Marcel, Marketa and Patrick, will be organising an information session in the morning of the 17th, in the same venue as the Council meeting will be held in the afternoon. This will be a chance to meet the MEP teams and be briefed on ongoing legislation and other relevant work of our elected Members of the European Parliament, as well as help brainstorm for the future.

Workshop on local politics - September 17th, 17:30-18:30

As we have the fortune to have participants involved in local politics from a number of memberstates we have decided to add a workshop on how to do local politics, with the aim of exchanging best practices, and to encourage more parties to get involved at this level. PLease reach out to Mab during the day if you want to present during this workshop.

Networking Drinks, September 16th

These drinks will take place at Le Cocq

Networking Drinks, September 17th

These drinks will take place in the Pentahotels lobby, as soon as the meeting is finished.


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