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European Pirate Party 15th Council Meeting January 27th, 2024, Hesperange

This council meeting will take place in Hesperange, Luxembourg. As all our Council meetings it will also be possible for delegates to participate remotely. We will be using Jitsi and Discourse for this.

Deadline for nominations to the Board and the Code of Conduct Council is 27 December 2023.

Link to follow the meeting:

Official invitation email

Delegates Delegates will be asked to register on Discourse.

If you have been appointed an official delegate for a Member party you may be asked to provide documentation that shows the appointment, in the case there is any uncertainty in the matter. A link posted in the delegate thread on Discourse to the decision of the appointment will suffice.

Draft Agenda

Candidates for the Board

Candidates will be presented here

Candidates for the Code of Conduct Council

Candidates will be presented here

Candidates for Lead Candidates in the European Parliament elections

Candidates will be presented here

Other documents related to the agenda

For more information, please see this thread on Discourse: Discourse



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