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Proposal for Changes in the Statutes

Any other Proposals

Motion 2 by PPCZ

Relieve of 2018 fees

Other Motions

Motion 3 by the PP-DE

Motion to the Council: “Working Group on second chamber”

The council decide to form a working group “2. chamber” - The Working Group shall be tasked with the discussion of details of a future second chamber to be composed of individual members of PPEU. The Working Group shall present a proposal for a change of statutes at the next council meeting, but not later than 2022.

(Added on the proposal of MEPs): The Council kindly invites all the members to provide all the neccessary help with exchange of data that are needed for smooth work of pan-european voting and discussion platforms.

Justification: We like to move the discussion further, and also take the former proposal of PPCH into consideration (

Motion 4 by the PP-IS
Motion to the Council: “Pirate Grassroots”

We propose that the Council mandates a new fund for Pirate related projects in Europe. The Pirate Grassroot Fund(Working title).

The fund will have a specific amount in it decided and approved on each council meeting.

Every member of PPEU can apply for funding for their projects. Applications will be put before the board two times a year. The board must advertise the closing dates for applications to every member of PPEU.

Applications must have a rough budget and a detailed project proposal. The Board requests a report once the project is finished. The report must be turned in before the last Council Meeting of each year, in order for the board to report of the funds achievements. The board will supply Reporting Templates for applicants.

In cases where applicants do not turn in a report the amount allocated must be returned within three months after the relevant Council Meeting

This fund is seen as something for people to work on their activism, expanding peoples ideas on pirate-ism, create workshops, spaces and time for interaction regarding Pirate philosophy.

The proposed amount for the first year of the Pirate Grassroot Fund is €3000.

Amendment to the budget proposal.
To add a budget line of €3000 in order to accommodate the previously approved motion for a new PPEU Grassroot Fund.

Counter proposal
The council is asking the board to provide up to 500€ per quarter in support of grassroots projects by ppEU members. The members can apply for it directly to the board and present their project to the board at a board meeting, which then votes in favor or rejects the project . If funded, the project will report back and present their findings at the next council meeting, with the option of getting prolonged funding.

Motion 5 by the PP-DE

“The Board of the European Pirate Party is encouraged to support and to follow up the campaign #PrivacyIsNotACrime.”

Once again we are facing an attack on our basic rights. The member states of the European Union are currently discussing how to build a backdoor into your communication. Encryption is a cornerstone of the digital society. Everything from private entertainment to business secrets is protected with encryption. Of course, security authorities lick their fingers after these accesses. With a backdoor into the most private conversations, it would be possible to achieve almost complete surveillance. This runs counter to a democratic society. Journalists and whistleblowers, just like us, must be sure that they are not being watched by the state. What dictators and other groups do with these back doors once they are created is inconceivable. Many democracy movements worldwide will have to pay the price for the blind activism of the European states. We remember, for example, that China broke open the encrypted chats of activists in Hong Kong. Many services like Signal have so far defied the pressure of dictatorships, but whether they will withstand the possible pressure of the EU remains to be seen.

Therefore, this interference with this central democratic right to communication must be prevented. The next step to decide on this issue will be taken on Thursday.

Therefore we PIRATES support the campaign #PrivacyIsNotACrime.

You can find the schedule at

08.11.2020 The secret draft resolution will be published by ORF
12.11.2020 Deadline for governments to submit comments on the draft
19.11.2020 Discussion & planned decision of the draft in the responsible working group
25.11.2020 Planned decision in the Council of Permanent Representatives

TBA Commission / Parliament

Use also the possibilities to become active yourself:
For posts about #Encryption always uses the #PrivacyIsNotACrime
Supports campaign accounts with retweets and mentions:
Twitter (@PrivacyIsNotAC1),
Telegram (#PrivacyIsNotACrime)
Mastodon (,

You can find material for your own posts here:
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us: @ArchivariusL; @S_HenkelDD or @pr02.

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