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Meeting 3 of the 6th. PPEU board 03.02.2021, 19:00 CET/18:00 UTC

Members of the Board (for use as template)
C: Mikuláš Peksa (PP-CZ, PP-DE)
VC: Florie Marie (PP-FR)
VC: Katla Hólm Þórhildardóttir (PP-IS)
TR: Sebastian Krone (PP-DE, PP-AT, PP-CH)
BM: Alessandro Ciofini (PP-IT)
BM: Jan Mareš (PP-CZ)
BM: Lukáš Doležal (PP-CZ)
BM: Mia Utz (PP-DE)
BM: Oliver Herzig (PP-DE)

Meeting opened at: 19:06
Meeting chaired by: Mikuláš
Secretary for this meeting: Jan (from 19:30)
Recording: 19:06 recording started
Link to the recording:

C: Mikuláš Peksa (PP-CZ, PP-DE)
TR: Sebastian Krone (PP-DE)
BM: Alessandro Ciofini (PP-IT)
BM: Jan Mareš (PP-CZ)
BM: Lukáš Doležal (PP-CZ)
BM: Mia Utz (PP-DE)

Florie Marie (PP-FR)

Not excused:
VC: Katla Hólm Þórhildardóttir (PP-IS)
BM: Oliver Herzig (PP-DE)

Gregory Engels
luca ciastellardi (PPIT)

1. European Citizens Initiative
2. Reports
3. Register of final beneficiaries
4. AOB

Minutes: Meeting started 19:06 CET
Charing the meeting: Mikuláš
Secretary for the meeting: everyone helps

Approval of the agenda
Yes: Mikuláš, Honza, Alessandro, Lukáš, Bastian, Mia
— Abstain:

1. European Citizens Initiative

Gregory reports on the status and development of the ECI.
Please listen to the recording for details.
Gregory (Engels) continues to work on the ECI, currently, the search is ongoing for new partners.
They can be invited with this link:
Mikuláš: MEPs could take part in a debate with representatives of the ECI to promote the Initiative.
luca notes that it is imperative to reach organisations, local media, user groups, etc. rather than gather a quantity of signature

2. Reports

C: Mikuláš Peksa (PP-CZ, PP-DE)

TR: Sebastian Krone (PP-DE, PP-AT, PP-CH)
I continued to work on taking over the treasurer's office myself. The bank access is still missing, bank transfers turn out to be very difficult.
Otherwise, I have monitored the main IT of the PPEU as I do every day.

BM: Alessandro Ciofini (PP-IT)
BM: Jan Mareš (PP-CZ)
BM: Lukáš Doležal (PP-CZ)
A meeting was held on 2.2.21 regarding the future organisation of the Media working group. Two new volunteers have joined the group. Future work will be primarily organised using GitLab. Group discussions are held in the Working group Media and Communication on Mattermost (answer to Bastian).
Next meeting to be determined
Bastian reminds the Board, that archiving mailing lists and similar lists of personal data is not allowed.

BM: Mia Utz
Contacted the CoCC. Asked them, if I could participate. They wanted to discuss this. They are meeting assynchronously. Will ask them again. Otherwise I have to build an awareness strategy with others. Which is my aim. first priority with me.

3. Register of final beneficiaries The Luxembourg register of final beneficiaries requires complete personal information of the organisation it registers.
They want the following:
Date of birth
Place of Birth
Address of residence
Identification number
Scan of a document (ID card) to prove the Identification number
Mikuláš notes, that some EU countries may not have an ID cards.
Bastian asks if registration with the Luxembourg Bussiness Chamber would not be sufficient.
Mikuláš replies that since the rules changed last year, it would not be enough.

4. AOB

Who is responsible for the establishment of the working group for the introduction of the 2nd chamber of the PPEU Council?
Pad with original division of responsibilities (1st board meeting, Dec 2020) has been lost. We are unsure who had been selected.
Honza: Florie propably had the pad on her computer, some people may have made printscreens.
Lukáš found the document -

Division of Working groups (according to
Media: Lukáš, Florie, Jan, Mia
It/Technical: Bastian, Alessandro, Florie
Finances: Alessandro
Second Chamber: Exile, Alessandro, Florie
Grass Roots Coordinator: Katla, (Mia)
Policy Coordination: Jan, Lukáš
Administration: Bastian
CoCC Contact point: Mia

From the last meeting, the motion for Rules of Procedure (Board) has been postponed to today's meeting. When do we decide to continue this?
Bastian proposes that we vote on the individual parts of the old ROP.
Mikuláš proposes Rules of Procedure (disscussion, vote) be pushed to the next meeting, as there are not all board members present.

5. Next Meeting / Session End

Next meeting: 24.02.2021, 19:00 CET / 18:00 UTC
Meeting closed at 20:14 CET / 19:14 UTC

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