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Meeting 10 of the 6. PPEU board 02.06.2021, 19:00 CEST/17:00 UTC

Members of the Board (for use as template)
C: Mikuláš Peksa (PP-CZ, PP-DE)
VC: Florie Marie (PP-FR)
VC: Katla Hólm Þórhildardóttir (PP-IS)
TR: Sebastian Krone (PP-DE), (PP-AT), (PP-CH)
BM: Alessandro Ciofini (PP-IT) (PP-SE) (Pirati)
BM: Jan Mareš (PP-CZ)
BM: Lukáš Doležal (PP-CZ)
BM: Mia Utz (PP-DE)
BM: Oliver Herzig (PP-DE), (PP-CAT)

Meeting opened at: 19:05
Meeting chaired by: Mikuláš
Secretary for this meeting: Alessandro, Oliver
Recording: recording started at 19:05
Link to the recording:

C: Mikuláš Peksa
TR: Sebastian Krone
BM: Oliver Herzig
BM: Mia Utz
BM: Lukáš Doležal (PP-CZ)
VC: Katla Hólm Þórhildardóttir (PP-IS)

Florie .. still at work .. will arrive late

Not excused:


0.1. Approval of the agenda:
0.2. Approval of the minutes of the last meeting:
1. Short reports of the activity
2. Tasks from the previous meetings:
3. Council meeting preparation
4. Council agenda - vacant CoCC pocition - election
5. Council agenda - Greens/EFA relations
6. Party registration working group
7. Proposal (Dario, PP-CAT): Assemblea demo (voting system)
8. Any other business
9. Next Meeting / Session End

60 minutes max. as meeting time

0.1. Approval of the agenda:
Yes: Katla, Mikuláš, Exile, Alessandro,Mia, Bastian, Jan, Lukáš

Agenda is approved.

0.2. Approval of the minutes of the last meeting
Yes: Bastian, Exile, Katla, Mia, Lukáš
Abstain: Alessandro, Mikuláš, jan
Minutes are approved.

1. Short reports of the activity
C: Mikuláš Peksa:
Nothing to report

VC: Florie Marie:
:today not present

VC: Katla Hólm Þórhildardóttir:
Preparation for the CM. Not very successful. Decisions have to made but it's hard to do it because people are not expressing their opinions.

TR: Sebastian Krone:
Technical support
Work on the PPEU Wiki
Work on the website
Attended PPEU-TEC Group 24.05.2021 21.00h
Attended to Pirate Times Editors Meeting 19.05.2021 20.00h
Discussion with the lawyer on legal issues concerning the GDPR PPEU - PPI - PP-CZ
Lawyer questioned about costs and circumstances regarding the PPEU logo from image- and text brand
It make no sense to pay or produce something before having a clear understanding of the real use, we will ask to Media Group.
Remark: “questioned” means definetly NOT, “to pay or produce something”!
Attended Germany General Assembly

BM: Alessandro Ciofini:
Draft for proposal of Finance Regulation Act
It will be presented at next CM June 5th

BM: Jan Mareš:

BM: Lukáš Doležal:
Contacted volunteers regarding the Council.
Wrote a FB post -

BM: Mia Utz:
-Brought some articles to the Gitlab from ppDE.
-There is a Preliminary Report from the CoCC:
which is also copied in the MM Townsquare

BM: Oliver Herzig:
Statutes group … attendance is a bit low, but we are still allive
2-5 people attend normally: agreed to have <s> common </s> report for next CM

2. Tasks from the previous meetings
Nothing to report

3. Council meeting preparation There was no consensus about agenda so it is still not finalised (Katla said).
Wondering also about participation and confirmation already had
Do we have to cancel meeting?
Mikuláš disagree on canceling next meeting, also for administrative reasons.
Mia asking to vote on 1 or 2 days
Mikuláš said that a preliminary agenda was already decided and approved, also sent to members
We could amend the preliminary agenda, Katla said.
Lukáš is asking if Florie should resign because of lack of participation in next CM meeting
Mikuláš we should not blaming each other, just try to solve problems
Oliver said we have missing hands, but the final decision it will decided by members and not to us
Mia: could we decide now 1 or 2 days?
Katla: we are not faling our job to have this meeting this weekend, we can do great things even without CMs

Are we going to cancel the meeting?

NO: Alessandro,Exile, Mikuláš, Mia, Bastian
Abstain: Katla, Lukáš, Jan
Result: CM will not be cancelled

Should we reduce CM to one day?
YES: Alessandro, Exile, Mia, Lukáš, Jan, Mikuláš, Katla
NO: Bastian
Result: CM will be reduced to 1 Day

Do we prefer:

Saturday: Alessandro, Mikuláš, Bastian, Katla, Jan
Sunday: Mia, Exile, Lukáš

Result: CM will be held next Saturday June 5th.

Organising Pad:

4.1. Council agenda - vacant CoCC position - election
We recevied an email from our PPAT member, pointing out that we could vote on vacant CoCC position accordingly to our current Statutes
Mikuláš is arguing that it means we shall understand that election of CoCC should follow the same rule as PPEU board
Katla also agrees
Oliver agree but he thinks it's better to ask to member to decide on it
Mikuláš agrees: so we should prepare to CoCC elections next Saturday.
Point will remain in agenda

4.2. Council agenda - Greens/EFA relations
Working on Organising pad:

10.30 - Orga team meeting at ten thirty

Proposed agenda:
Registration opens at 10.30
Starting at 11.00 CEST
Appointing chair and backups
Appointing Secretary and backups
11.10 - Budget 2021 midterm
11.30 - Motions from members
12.00 - Election for vacant position for CoCC
12.45 - Conference on the future of Europe,
13.30 - Lunch break 14.00 - Financial regulation
14.30 - PPI relations
15.00 - Relations with Greens/EFA
15.30 - PPEU logo
16.00 - Closing the meeting

Yes: Mikuláš, Alessandro, Exile, Lukáš, Katla, Bastian, Mia
Result: Agenda approved

Moderation will be done by Katla & Mikulas
Bastian will look after Streaming (but still looking for Jitsi Backup
Minutes .. research of people is needed (Alessandro will be alone - Exile will not be available during quiet a good time of the day) I am not super with that, but will help out (Mia)
Social Media team: Lukas will be in charge

Mikuláš will give us an e-mail with:
Jitsi link
Mattermost link
Mikuláš will take care of wiki page also

Orga Team will be there at 10:30

Membership fees overview: we need to have a proposal to be approved at the very benning of the meeting.
Proposal regarding payment of annual fees:
The board proposes suspending 2021 payment of membership fees until the second council meeting of 2021.
All members that made payments for 2020 membership have voting rights during this council meeting, June 5th 2021.

4.3. Council agenda - vacant CoCC pocition - election
already discussed in TOP 3

4.4. Council agenda - Greens/EFA relations

Greens/EFA looking for partners…. they are willing to negotiate with us (Pirates).
There is a need for preparing this discussion as this it not only a questions for the MEP´s which are now elected.
Mikuláš is proposing an orga team for this (headed in Brussels).
Delegation of MEP´s would like to propose Marcel Kolaja heading this orga team.
A second person coming from the European Pirates Cloud would be needed (Exile is proposing a working group for this). Mikulas is proposing himself and Sven (PP-LU) to be t persons

this will be reported from Mikulás at the CM

5. Party registration working group

6. Proposal (Dario, PP-CAT): Assemblea demo (voting system)
Message from Dario:

  • After its third test run with today's PP-LU GA, I'm happy to offer Assemblea [0] as the voting system for this next CM. I can handle the system administration during the CM, as handling voting tokens to the delegates.
  • Some highlights about Assemblea:
  • Voting tokens are pseudoanonymous, as they are randomly generated (but they can be configured to cast a vote on behalf of some entity, which is just a name that will be stored alongside the vote).
  • Votes are stored completely decoupled from the voter tokens casting them, but no token can vote twice in the same question. So, no double voting is possible but in open ballot votes we can know what each delegation voted.
  • It allows for public votes, so we know what has been voted by each PP delegation.
  • Consultations are flexible to manage. Questions can be created, opened, and closed at any moment. It's very flexible as it allows to prepare all the questions in advance, add or remove questions if needed during the vote, and control when and how long each question is open to vote.
  • Votes can have a “weight”, so the system can tally half votes. Actually, we can set any fraction for votes, even bigger values like 2, 3 or 6.
  • It has been already in assemblies with hundreds of concurrent users (up to 5.000 participants), casting thousands of votes.
  • Of course, it's free software.
  • The instance that will host the software will be provided by PP-CAT, available at Tokens will be handled by Dario, as the “on behalf of” feature for public votes is experimental.

Dario makes a short presentation of “assamblea” (please hear audio)
Katla suggests the board proposes to the Council Members to use this tool during the Council Meeting on June 5th 2021.
Dario will be there at 10:30 h for registration process (Mikuláš propose)

PP-EU board proposes: Assamblea will be used at CM 05.06.2021

Yes: Katla, Alessandro, Exile, Lukáš, Mikuláš, Jan, Mia
No: -
Abstain: Bastian
Result: We will propose the CM to use Assamblea.

7. Any other business
Announcement: July 17th - Ausgust 1st Pirate Summer Camp in Poland ( Piotrowice Nyskie) @BastianBB)

8. Next Meeting / Session End
Next meeting: 23.06.2021 – 19:00 CEST / 1700 UTC
Meeting closed at 21:27 CEST / UTC

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