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Agenda Board Meeting 8.1.2018, 20:00h CET (19:00 h UTC)


1.1. – Members of the Board:

  • Oktavía Hrund Jónsdóttir (PPIS)
  • Antigone (Gabrielle Nereuil PP-FR)
  • Markéta Gregorová (PP-CZ)
  • Bastian (Sebastian Krone, PP-DE)
  • Antonios Motakis (PP-GR)
  • Ernst Spitaler (PP-AT)
  • Hrafndís Bára Einarsdóttir (PP-IS)
  • Exile (Oliver Herzig, PP-DE, PP-CAT, PC-ES)
  • Mikuláš Peksa (PP-CZ)


  • Bastian (Sebastian Krone, PP-DE)
  • Oktavía Hrund Jónsdóttir (PP-IS)
  • Antigone (Gabrielle Nereuil PP-FR)
  • Markéta Gregorová (PP-CZ)
  • Mikuláš Peksa (PP-CZ)
  • Oktavía Hrund Jónsdóttir (PPIS)
  • Exile (Oliver Herzig, PP-DE, PP-CAT, PC-ES) from 20:15 on

1.2. – Excused

  • Ernst Spitaler (PP-AT)
  • Hrafndís Bára (PP-IS)

1.3. – not excused

1.4. – Guests

  • Macburns (Mickey Sinclair,PP)


RoP= not existing until now for developing RoP in the near future

Meeting opened at 20:02 CET by Oktavía Jónsdóttir
Meeting chaired by: Oktavia Jónsdóttir
Secretary for this meeting: Antigone
Streaming started:
Recording started: 20:02


Minutes of the last meeting:

YES : Antigone, Oktavía, Bastian, Markéta, Mikuláš, Tony,Exile

4 – Reports

4.1. – Short report of the board members

Oktavía Hrund Jónsdóttir (PPIS)
- finishing the “short report strategy” (enlighting the priorities)
- meeting with Bastian tomorrow to end the registration process during the Holiday
- need of a english and french version of the statutes
- update from the workgroup : hoping to support the Pirate Security Conference in Munich
- Executive Board Meeting if PP-IS tomorrow
- Oktavia should be able to go to Munich
- Suggestion: assigning Sven as a special person of the board for the registration

Antigone (Gabrielle Nereuil PP-FR)
- working group about the programm for the european elections
- email sent to west and south nationa PP
- need of clarification of PPCAT
- a short clarification will be sent to the other national parties in case they have same questions as PPCAT
- email was sent to South and West national PP
- Antigone will just forward the mail to East and Norht Pirate Parties (with the correction)

Markéta Gregorová (PP-CZ)
- doesn't have the draft/proposal for the social sites yet, very sorry
- after a delay approved Antigone's survey :)
- Czech Pirates had this weekend a General Assembly, we have a new board, with Mikuláš in it; very successful GA
- Marketa will work full time to the international coordination
- PP-Cz board approved a donation to PiSeCon, so will have a speaker there, hopefully

Bastian (Sebastian Krone, PP-DE)
- I did a lot of technical stuff.
- Old content of website transferred to
- I pimped up the ppeu-wiki -
- Tried to contact Sven Clement several times. No success. No information about financials etc. from the past.
- Investigations on financial support by European Parliament : if one of the local national Party has more than 3% (european election), then it is possible to get financial subsidies.

Antonios Motakis (PP-GR)
Has been traveling since the last meeting, currently in a business trip in China. Will be back to normal after the 20th of January.

Ernst Spitaler (PP-AT)
excused (and having connectivity issues)

Exile (Oliver Herzig, PP-DE, PP-CAT, PC-ES) holiday and lot of private work - forgot about pirate stuff for the last three weeks
election in catalunya - but quiet the same situation as before
regarding a indepent catalunya - in 10 days from now a new “regional” parlament should be elected, and nearly everybody believes that there will be a president with the goal of an independent catalunya elected … but there are still a lot of issues open….. and if he is elected (probably Mr. Puigdemont) … we are in the same situation as three months ago.

Hrafndís Bára Einarsdóttir (PP-IS)

Mikuláš Peksa (PP-CZ)
- ask for more information about the financial support coming from the European Parliament

5 – First Steps

5.1. – Resources

See chart:

TO DO : a working group/working space to consolidate the question (to specific to be work during a board)
- In progress

5.2. – Who is responsible for what (allocation/roles)

5.3. – Domiciliation of PPEU

Representative for Domiciliation und Registration
- In progress

5.4. - Financial authorization process

what: who has to accept (or deny) costs - financial transaction
- In progress (Treasurer and Chairperson meeting 9 jan 2018)

5.5. - Media lists

Booked: board approved to send request to all PPEU members with media lists (for compilation) to Mikuláš and Hrafndís Bára

6. Projects

Working group on the programme for 2019 (election program “CEEP”)
: Responsible: Antigone, Marketa
- deadline for the answer to the survey - 25 january
- draft of agenda : beginning of February
- Tentative date for meeting end of February meeting

(Bastian) Received several requests for working groups like
: Agriculture
: Environmental and energy policy
: basic income
next steps is to send out an email to PPEU to ask for participation in the above working groups - Bastian will make a dash-board so there is an overview of all of the working groups

Working group for voting tools (maybe already in 5.2 “technic”)
what: voting tools … but also communication
seperate group meeting to discuss this within the board and within PPEU

technical question are quiet easy but the real decision is “why ?”
Oktavía is willing to send an email on this topic and scedule a meeting on this subject

Strategy for PPEU: points for continuation
in progress - hoping to finalize this week.


Happy New year 2018
- a separate conversation will take place regarding the financial support from the EU - Parliament (email will be sent by ???)


Next meeting: 05.02.2018 19:00 hrs UTC / 20:00 hrs CET

Meeting closed 20.50 hrs CET by Oktavia

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