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Board Meeting 21.10.2018, 20:00h CEST (18:00 h UTC)

FYI: Members of the Board (for use as template)
Oktavía Hrund Jónsdóttir (PPIS)
Antigone (Gabrielle Nereuil PP-FR)
Markéta Gregorová (PP-CZ)
Bastian (Sebastian Krone, PP-DE)
Antonios Motakis (PP-GR)
Ernst Spitaler (PP-AT)
Hrafndís Bára Einarsdóttir (PP-IS)
Exile (Oliver Herzig, PP-DE, PP-CAT, PC-ES)
Mikulás Peksa (PP-CZ)

Who is responsible for what (allocation/roles)
See chart:

See chart:

Mailing Lists





Minutes of the Meeting
1.1. - Participants
Bastian (Sebastian Krone, PP-DE)
Exile (Oliver Herzig, PP-DE, PP-CAT, PC-ES)
Oktavía Hrund Jónsdóttir (PPIS)
Antigone (Gabrielle Nereuil PP-FR)
Markéta Gregorová (PP-CZ)
Ernst Spitaler (PP-AT)
Antonios Motakis (PP-GR)

1.2. - Excused
Hrafndís Bára Einarsdóttir (PP-IS)
Mikulás Peksa (PP-CZ)

1.3. - not excused

1.4. - Guests

1.5. - PAD

RoP= not existing until now for developing RoP in the near future

Meeting opened at 20:10 CEST by Markéta
Meeting chaired by: Markéta
Secretary for this meeting: all
Recording started: 20:10

Minutes of the last meeting
YES: Markéta, Bastian, Exile, Antigone, Oktavía Hrund

4 - Reports
4.1. - Short report of the board members
Oktavía Hrund Jónsdóttir (PPIS)
Organised a team for the Council meeting and cared for logistics including venue, sponsored drinks/food, free transport etc.

Antigone (Gabrielle Nereuil PP-FR)
Some activities in Paris especially for the 26th august action “save your internet”
Apologize because not so much energy to put in the PPEU the last months :(

Markéta Gregorová (PP-CZ)
A draft for the CEEP is now ready and the next deadline is end of October.
Some difficulties with the Luxembourg Bank

Bastian (Sebastian Krone, PP-DE)
Technical stuff:
Proposed Post-Bank to open a bank acount, which means talking about the posibiliy of more than one bank account for European Pirates

PPEU Wiki (Minutes, Agenda, Archives)
Daily care as admin
Financial work & care for a bank account either
Setup groupware Kopano:

Antonios Motakis (PP-GR)
technical problems .. not able to talk

Ernst Spitaler (PP-AT)
trying to do promotion for our european movement in Austria

Hrafndís Bára Einarsdóttir (PP-IS)
not present

Exile (Oliver Herzig, PP-DE, PP-CAT, PC-ES)
not very activ, just following up the daily Pirates news
Annotation: Head of went up tu Brussel in order to visit Mr. Puigdemont giving our support for the independent process

Mikulás Peksa (PP-CZ)
not present

5 - Current
5.1. Chairpersons of PPEU
Due to Oktavia's activity is at rest we have to vote for:
Representing PPEU as chairpersons
Antigone (Gabrielle Nereuil PP-FR)
Markéta Gregorová (PP-CZ)
Yes: 8
No: 0
Abstain: 0
We can give this to the mailing list for voting (please note: The vote has to be unanimously).
The vote is hereby approved.

5.2. - Domiciliation of PPEU / Bank Account
We have to discuss it with Sven Clement, Bastian will care for.
Current status:
Markéta is working on some bank account in CZ.
Bastian taking care of german Postbank.
conclusion: it is rolling … we`re on our way … looking forward to confirm bank account soon

6. Membership fees
6.1. According to statutes it is very clear (collection of membership fees)

6.2. Waiving of older fees? Collection of fees
Invoices should be sent for 2017 and 2018 when the bank account is opened.
Invoices are ready and will be sent out, if we have a real bank account.

The discussion of collection old fees is prosponed to the council meeting.

Austria has booked all the fees as debits and will not object to pay the fees if the bank account is available.

7. Annual General Assembly (Council meeting)
7.1. When / Where
Result of the Dudle:
Reykjavik 01./02.12.2018

We need 100 MBit down 10 MBit up internet connection and volunteers how will help to organise the meeting.
Thomas volunteers to chair the meeting.

Option A
PPEU-GA will take place in Reykjavik the 1st and 2nd December.
A second meeting, focussed on the european election and on the CEEP will take place in February in an European Union Country.

YES : Antigone, Bastian, Oktavía , Markéta, Tony, Ernst
NO :

Iceland Pirate Party will take care about organisation of this meeting.

Motion passed.

Option B
The GA is postponed and a meeting will take place at the beginning of 2018 including the launch of the european campaign. A new call for host will be send.

NO : Bastian, Exile, Tony, Oktavía, Ernst
ABSTAIN : Antigone, Markéta
Motion rejected.

Markéta will send an e-mail with information.

Who is coming to Iceland? :)
Okta (present)
Hrafnis (present)

Next meeting: 12.11.2018, 19:30 hrs UTC / 20:30 hrs CET Meeting closed 20.57 hrs CEST by Markéta

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