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PPEU Programme working group meeting minutes

Channel:   International -> PPEU
Schedule:  22.05.2012   21:30 CEST
Minutes:   Everyone
Chairman:  Martina P.
Start:     21:40 CEST
End:       23:02 CEST
Next meet: May 29th 2012 (In regular) 


  1. Administration
  2. Introduction round
  3. Process in this work group
  4. Jerry's blog post
  5. Miscellanea


  1. Krishna ( PP-DE
  2. Adrian Pappas PP-GR
  3. Robotica - Daniele Monteleone ( - PP-IT
  4. Luciana - ( PP-IT
  5. Martina ( - PP-DE
  6. Muriel ( [PPCAT]
  7. Jerry @jerryweyer
  8. polnetz @polnetz
  9. Mia (PP-DE)
  10. Stephen Ogden (Azrael) - PPUK
  11. Venanzio Basso ( PP-DE
  12. Kissandrakis George ( PP-GR
  13. Patrick Schiffer ( PP-DE
  14. Loïc Grobol (Evpok)
  15. Alan Winkleman (
  16. Franco Zizzo (
Elect Keeper of the minutes

Candidates: None special.

Elect chairman

Candidates: Martina, got elected

Approve last meeting's minutes

Minutes 15.05.2012 approved
Comments (who): none

Approve today's agenda

Comments (who): Adrian was new and asked for an introduction round, agreed.

Previous ToDos
ToDo What Who When Status
Contributors' page see If you do not have an account yet you can register on the wiki page itself when clicking on Login. krishna 22.05.2012 Done
Contact info were sent to ML pakki, krishna, et al. 22.05.2012 Done
Contact info I can easily contact some. polnetz I
Formal Invitation of parties Muriel sent an invitation letter to all International Coordinators of European Pirate Parties. No answers yet. Italy just answered on the conference date for the statutes group. Muriel May 19th 2012 Done

Introduction round


Process in this work group

Topic What Who When Type
Location All work takes place in pads, linked to and follow the given pad structure. Martina I
Coarse process process (see below) presented (Krishna) R
Step1.1 The copy&paste in step 1 does not require thorough language skill and can happen quickly. I
What should be copied? (robotica) We consider only official programs. No programs pending approval should be used. Such programs can be included via step 3. R
Links to programs contains many. (please update where you find up to date info about programs) Krishna I
Register skills Please update info about yourselves here: Everyone May 29th. 2012 T
Translation squad Check whether the translation squad can help with some translations from rare languages? ACT (?) end of step 1.1 T
Translation Translations can be completed after May 29th also all R
1.I-1.III 1) Austria Martina May 29th 2012 T
1.I-1.III 2) France Evpok, AlanW,Polnetz, Mia May 29th 2012 T
1.I-1.III 3) Germany Venanzio, Mia May 29th 2012 T
1.I-1.III 4) Portugal Polnetz May 29th 2012 T
1.I-1.III 5) Belgium Polnetz, Evpok, pakki May 29th 2012 T
1.I-1.III 6) Catalonia Muriel May 29th 2012 T
1.I-1.III 7) United Kingdom AlanW, StephenO May 29th 2012 T
1.I-1.III 8) Greece pappasadrian, kissand May 29th 2012 T
1.I-1.III 9) Italy Luciana, robotica May 29th 2012 T
1.I-1.III 10) Luxembourg Mia May 29th 2012 T
1.I-1.III 11) Netherlands pakki May 29th 2012 T
1.I-1.III 12) Switzerland Polnetz May 29th 2012 T
1.I-1.III 13) Cyprus pappasadrian May 29th 2012 T
1.I-1.III 14) Malta Mia May 29th 2012 T
1.I-1.III 15) Identify persons for Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, Kazakhstan, Norway, Poland, Romania, Russia, Slovenia, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Ukraine, Denmark, Bulgaria, Latvia, Lithuania ACT May 29th 2012 T
1.I-1.III 16) Some of the Leftovers Krishna May 29th 2012 T
  1. Step 1:
    1. assign persons to programmes
    2. copy & paste those programmes into the corresponding sections of the various pads. Create a new one if there is no suitable one.
    3. translate into the pads
  1. Step 2:
    1. assign persons to topics (partly done)
    2. extract information
    3. identify and separate the conflicting parts
    4. move to more abstract level if necessary
    5. identify and separate the common parts
  2. Step 3:
    1. update with newly joining party programmes (e.g rare languages)
    2. continuous

Jerry's blog post

Topic What Who When Type
Presentation Unfortunately Jerry left, but everybody read the post (and answers).
1. Mapping EU Pirate Parties – a common program for the 2014 EU elections:
2. Common Program for European Pirate Parties - United in Diversity:
What to track? I think we should not only keep track of the common parts, but also of differing / conflicting parts. We save effort in case of program updates / changes and it helps us in the vision creation also. krishna R
Responsability It was suggested that the Statutes group handles the Preamble (Krishna). This group will not handle it at the moment. R


Topic What Who When Type
Program technical format Suggestion is to have programs linkable instead of html. Will prepare Wiki struture to do so. Accordingly, is it realistic to ask the parties to always provide their programs in English, too (Help would be offered)?
→ nice thought, but not feasible right now
krishna T
Pad update Add an additional chapter “Conflicting parts” corresponding to “Common parts” Martina May 29th 2012 T

Type: I=Information, T=Todo, R=Resolution

1) , 2) , 3) , 4) , 5) , 6) , 7) , 8) , 9) , 10) , 11) , 12) , 13) , 14) , 15) , 16)
1.III as possible
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