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PPEU Programme working group meeting minutes

Channel:   International -> PPEU
Schedule:  29.05.2012   21:30 CEST
Minutes:   Everyone
Chairman:  Martina
Start:     21:45 CEST
End:       23:40 CEST
Next meet: June 5th, 2012, in regular


  1. Administration
  2. Findings in programmes
  3. Miscellanea


  1. Ansis PP-LV
  2. Steffen Ortmann (@ortsman; Steffen_TH; PPI, PP-DE (just visiting, totally sick)
  3. Muriel ( PP-CAT
  4. Stefan Thöni ( PP-CH
  5. Krishna ( PP-DE
  6. Martina P. (@lunaloof;
  7. Luciana ( PP-IT
Elect Keeper of the minutes

Candidates: Everyone

Elect chairman

Candidates: Martina (elected)

Approve last meeting's protocol

Minutes 22.05.2012 approved
Comments (who): none

Approve today's agenda

Comments (who):

Previous ToDos
Topic What Who When Status
Register skills Please update info about yourselves here: Everyone May 29th. 2012 silver coin
1.I-1.III 1) Austria Martina May 29th 2012 T
1.I-1.III 2) France Evpok, AlanW,Polnetz, Mia May 29th 2012 Plank
1.I-1.III 3) Germany Venanzio, Mia May 29th 2012 Plank
1.I-1.III 4) Portugal Polnetz May 29th 2012 Plank
1.I-1.III 5) Belgium Polnetz, Evpok, pakki May 29th 2012 Plank
1.I-1.III 6) Catalonia Muriel May 29th 2012 Silver coin
1.I-1.III 7) United Kingdom AlanW, StephenO May 29th 2012 Plank
1.I-1.III 8) Greece pappasadrian, kissand May 29th 2012 Plank
1.I-1.III 9) Italy Luciana, robotica May 29th 2012 Silver coin
1.I-1.III 10) Luxembourg Mia May 29th 2012 Plank
1.I-1.III 11) Netherlands pakki May 29th 2012 Plank
1.I-1.III 12) Switzerland Polnetz, Exception May 29th 2012 Golden eye patch
1.I-1.III 13) Cyprus pappasadrian May 29th 2012 Plank
1.I-1.III 14) Malta Mia May 29th 2012 Plank
1.I-1.III 15) Identify persons for Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, Kazakhstan, Norway, Poland, Romania, Russia, Slovenia, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Ukraine, Denmark, Bulgaria, Latvia, Lithuania ACT May 29th 2012 Plank
1.I-1.III 16) Some of the Leftovers Krishna May 29th 2012 Silver coin
Program technical format Suggestion is to have programs linkable instead of html. Will prepare Wiki struture to do so. krishna Golden eye patch
Pad update Add an additional chapter “Conflicting parts” corresponding to “Common parts” Martina May 29th 2012 Golden Eye Patch

Findings in programmes

Topic What Who When Type
PP-CAT PPCAT communication work group is half way translating the programme to English, I expect them to finish and post it in about one or two weeks, hopefully before Aarau. Muriel I
PP-IT When Luciana finds the English version of the Italian PP program, she will add it to the wiki-list. Luciana I
Process When there is nothing about a topic in a PP programme, we add “no position” corresponding pad, so we know for sure it has not been overlooked. Note that also new pads may pop up, that needs to be updated with “No position” Everyone R
SubjectAll valid and up to date information must be captured in the pads. Outdated versions must not be captured. I
Subject Programs of subdivisions must not be captured, as long as they are not valid at national level I
New padsNew pads are required for trademark, industrial secrets, Basic income, explanatory / Introductional Program statements Martina T


Topic What Who When Type
Invitation letter Check whether Hungarian contact is up to date; unclear as the person hasn't responded yet. MurielJune 5th 2012 T
Invitation letterAlbania was contacted by Steffen through fb, the provided email to which the invitation was sent. Steffen Golden eye patch
Invitation letter Reminder for PPs to check on meeting dates in case we change the frequency next weeks. ACT T
Aarau meetingMove Aarau notification to statutes group to participate and suggest topics. ACT 31.05.2012 T

Type: I=Information, T=Todo, R=Resolution
Status: plank=not started / late, silver coin=progressing in time, golden eye patch=done

1) , 2) , 3) , 4) , 5) , 6) , 7) , 8) , 9) , 10) , 11) , 12) , 13) , 14) , 15) , 16)
1.III as possible
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