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PPEU statutes working group meeting minutes

Channel:   International -> PPEU
Schedule:  31.05.2012   21:30 CEST
Minutes:   Everyone
Chairman:  Martina
Start:     21:45 CEST
End:       23:50 CEST
Next meet: 07.06.2012 (In regular)


  1. Administration
  2. Architecture
  3. Vision
  4. Statutes
  5. Miscellanea
    1. Meeting in Aarau
    2. meeting schedule (regressive, once a week, alternating…)


  1. [Anders] [@andersch_be;][PP-DE]
  2. [pakki aka Patrick Schiffer] [@pschiffer;] [PP-DE]
  3. [Steffen Ortmann] [@ortsman; Steffen_TH;] [PPI, PP-DE]
  4. [Stefan Thöni] [PP-CH] ← Exception ;-)
  5. [Exile] [O.Herzig][PP-CAT]
  6. [Martina P.] [@LunaLoof;] [PP-DE]
  7. [Antonio García] [NingúnOtro; ningunotro @] [PP-ES]
Elect Keeper of the minutes

Candidates: Everyone (elected)

Elect chairman

Candidates: Martina (elected)

Approve last meeting's protocol

Minutes 31.05.2012
Comments (who): approved

Approve today's agenda

Comments (who): approved

Previous ToDos
Topic What Who When Status
Architecture On which topic(s) do you like to work? Please choose a place to start. Of course, you can help with all topics. The more input, the better! Everyone T
Skill list If you are not a member of the PPEU-PRG-WG, but like to help out with your special (language) skills, please register at Contributors Everyone T
Invitation letter Send friendly reminder / option to name alternative founding dates / locations / registration page for MLs Krishna, Martina, Muriel, pakki June 4th.2012 T
Invitation letter PP-BE does not yet have statutes or programme. Pakki will stay in contact with them to get some sentences. pakki I
Invitation letter Exile will search contact list of European Pirate Parties delegates for next meeting
postponed (Reason?)
Exile T
Invitation letter Muriel will send the email-adresses of the Int. Coordinators to the Admins when she finds the time for it. Muriel T


Topic What Who When Type
1.1 Party-Only model Steffen 1), Exception, Jack A 2) (plank)
1.2 Hybrid Model Steffen, Justus, crackpille, Abri, Phi95Bou, Exception, Polnetz, Marin, Torben (plank)
1.3. Based on individual membership Abri 3), robotica, dude, pakki (silver coin)
1.3. Based on individual membership We had a longer discussion about the possibility of realization of LQFB for the PPEU. We are open to better tools than LqFb if they arrive. The vision, robotica had was about a more powerful tool for elections. robotica, pakki I
2. Which Parties for full membership ? 4) Marin, Exception, Steffen, Apophis, Exile (silver coin)
2. Which Parties for full membership ? 5) Justus did something but isn't here anymore, so he cannot present it. I
3. Additional Memberships Marin, Steffen (plank)
4. Country of Legal Personality? 6) Sven, Marin (plank)
4. Country of Legal Personality? None of the group is here tonight. I
5. Name of the Party Marin, Polnetz, dude
5. Name of the Party Content moved to old pad with name discussion I
6. General Provisions Polnetz, Jack A, Luciana (plank)
7. Different Models of Organs/Institutions of PPEU (plank)


Topic What Who When Type
Preamble holds the working document for a potential PP-EU preamble. It is not for preambles / introductions, or other headers of national party progammes I
PP-BE programe pakki told about the Belgian PP and put in the preamble of the PP of Netherland. All will move to a new pad where we collect the headers. pakki I


Topic What Who When Type
Founding meeting EU Legislation, OSCE - Guidelines,OSCE - Gender Equality, OSCE - Standards pakki I
Founding meeting PPI allowed remote participation (Spain & Ireland), but it is not recommmended. Exile I


Meeting in Aarau

Topic What Who When Type
Link I
ParticipantsSo far: Justus, Bastian, Gerry, Muriel, Jens Seipenbusch, Andi Popp, Julia Schramm, Luciana, Daniele,Stefan Thöni, Steffen etc.
Discussion As there are only few of the above present, a discussion about topics is postponed. R
report Every participant is selcome to (in other words should) inform in one of our sessions about the meeting. R

meeting schedule (regressive, once a week, alternating...)

Topic What Who When Type
Meeting frequencyAs proposed in programme WG we introduce the proposal for a new frequency. A vote will decide on the proceedings R
doodle put up a (Wiki) page to vote for the models. Martina T
Example 1 Mix:
If we want each group to meet every two weeks:
Week 1: Tuesday - programme
Week 2: Thursday - statutes
Week 3: Thursday - programme
Week 4: Tuesday - statutes
Example 2 Progressive
Week 1: Monday - programme
Week 2: Tuesday - statutes
Week 3: Wednesday - programme
Week 4: Thursday - statutes
Week 5: Friday - programme
Correspondingly every 6 days, every 5 days etc.)
Example 3 single day:
Pick one day for everything
Week 1: Tuesday - programme
Week 2: Tuesday - statutes
Week 3: Tuesday - programme
Week 4: Tuesday - statutes
Example 4 Weekly meeting:
Week 1: 
 Tuesday - programme
 Thursday - statutes
Week 2: 
 Tuesday - statutes
 Thursday - programme
Example 5
Add your idea here.

Type: I=Information, T=Todo, R=Resolution
Status: bad pirate=not started / late, good pirate=progressing in time, gold patch=done

not my favourite option but since it is rather simple it can be a starting point
ditto Steffen
No 2 and No 3 might correspond (almost in German law regarding juridical bodies, isn't it)
4) , 5)
influences both, 1.1 and 1.2
May influence, how the party-structure can look at all
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