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1. Mumble-Meeting to prepare the next PPEU Statutes Conference in Poland (27./28.07.2013)

  1. Bastian PP-GER @bastianBB
  2. Bugspriet PP-GER
  3. Clemencee PP-FR
  4. Kabun
  5. LunaLoof PP-DE
  6. marou PP-FR
  7. mrNatural PP-FR
  8. tvelocity PP-GR
  9. pakki - PP-GER
  10. Exile - PP-CAT (PP-DE) - late (22:00 h)

The meeting was opened by Lunaloof around 20.15 hrs.

Last meeting:

A. On which topics shall PPEU have to vote?

Two kinds of organ are specified (mandatory) under Belgian law:

  1. General Assembly
  2. Board

Tasks of the GA:

Internal Issues of the Organisation

Decisions made by the General Assembly:

  1. to admit new members
  2. to dissolute the organisation
  3. to change the Statutes
  4. to elect the Board
  5. (to set the membership fees) (cant the fee be regulated in the statutes? /Mab) Maybe the basics for the calculation in the Statutes and the exact amount decided on by the GA? Needs to be discussed later on. First,the membership fees should be discussed and then how and who will change the membership fees.

Decisions made by the Board:

Everyday administrational decisions

Political issues

Tasks of the GA:

  1. Fundamental political decisions should be decided by the GA, the Board will execute these decisions on an organisational level.

Tasks of the board:

  1. to fund political events
  2. to organize conferences
  3. to fund campaigns
  4. to support campaigns on certain topics of European policy politically
  5. to interact with other political parties on EU level
Proposition for Votings/Assemblies

Proposition made by marou:

1) Decide every voting will be public, as PP-EU's members are public organisations (Pirate Parties) that have to be transparent towards their members.

→ We have to find out whether elections of Board members eg. must be done secretly due to Belgium law. Bastian will find out until next meeting.

Votes have to be done at the same time (in writing). How should it be done by EGA online? E.g. send votes by email to a special email account and count the votes after a certain time. :→ let's see at step 6 ? ;)

2) Decide that Extraordinary General Assemblies (EGA) can take place online, to take care of most of the questions during the year (replacing Board members for example, taking decisions on main guidelines).

→ If we elect alternate board members in a EGA, we also need to know, if this has to be done secretly in Belgium law. Another possibility would be to have alternate/reserve members elected with the original Board members to fill the place of resigning Board members automatically.

The best way is to elect substitute board members on an ordinary GA. The EGA should accept the decision only.

→ If a Board member is inactive, but does not resign officially, there should be a mechanism in the Statutes to replace this Board member. The EGA could take a decision on the question, if a Board member is inactive and will therefore be automatically replaces by a substitute. This will be not an election and therefore never needs to be done in secret.

3) Decide that therefore a Board can be reduced to minimal composition & power, and in case of need, its members can be replaced easily during the year.

already discussed above.

4) Make the General Assembly the main body of PP-EU, and organise extraordinary general assemblies, every month for example.

→ one possibility: fixed days for it (for example every first Friday in a month), better, only 4 times a year for EGA would be sufficient and make it possible to reach the quorum for participation

→ or better no fixed dates, but to decide upon them via Doodle (or dudle), but about all three months

→ dates should be announced a good time in advance

→ There should be the possibility to have a substitute delegate at a GA, as even if the dates are known in advance there might be appointments that can not be changed (private/work place/national PP)

→ maybe also make it possible to invite to EGA, if something urgent comes up

→ there should be a quorum of a certain amount of members who may call in an EGA together (e.g. at least 5 members are needed) - 1/4th of PP-EU members or the Board.

5) Limit the decisions: The Extraordinary General Assemblies can take place between two Ordinary General Assembly meetings, that will remain “IRL” meetings and will take place at least once a year. The Board is elected and the Statutes can be amended only during the Ordinary General Assembly.

→ Statute amendments might need a certain number of member parties supporting them, before they can be voted upon by an GA. Like this there should only be very important and urgent amendments tabled in between RL Ordinary General Assemblies.

→ An attendance quorum of 1/2 of the members of PPEU is needed of which 2/3 need to vote in favour of a statute amendment to change the statutes for online and IRL-sessions.

→ I would suggest defining a minimum amount of 1/2 of the total of the members that vote for something. (Plan B to discuss in the next meeting) This will all be depending on the voting weights and voting processes.

→ In online Ordinary GAs 1/3 of the mebers must sponsor an amendment to be voted upon, IRL Ordinary GAs any member can table a statute amendment which will be voted upon.

6) Write rules of procedure for GA (including a remote voting possibility), online EGA, and all the rest…

I suggest to use the Barcelona/Manchester/Paris ROPs as basic and will amend them.

B. Shall PPEU have any organs other than a Board, the General Assembly? If yes, which ones?

→ we don't need a board, we need people working for free and defending pirate principe, nor for a position (Board members won't get paid anyway)

→ don't do too many at first. Kind of form follows function

===Court of Arbitration=== (why always tribunal ?) a referee council / counsel ?

Alternatives: Mediation (Committee) elected by the GA (There will be conflicts and we need to find a way to deal with them in PPEU)

→If we use a CoA there should be a clear definition of what its tasks are. The problem is that a CoA cannot enforce its judgements and neither can anyone else.

==Second Chamber== (for couchsurfing may be)

→ could only be used with a system like Euroliquid, but as Euroliquid or any other such European decision making tool is inexistent at the moment and it is unclear, if and when this will change, we should leave it out of the discussion here. But it is important to have all Pirates individually taking part in the decisions of PPEU, but the manpower and money to implement such a system is lacking and it has to be decided upon which kind of names we will enforce people to use: There legal names or nick names.

C. Which Organ shall be responsible for what kind of decisions?

→admittance of new members and other basic decisions - General Assembly (GA)

→everyday administrational decisions - Board

→See point A

D. Next Meeting / End of Meeting

Proposed topic for next time:

→membership fees, (rules of procedure → after voting mechanism and voting weight to discuss, not next time), Court of Arbitration/Mediation Committee/Counsel

Next meeting:

→doodle/dudle in about 4 weeks (after Kazan)

→Meeting closed at 22.44 hrs CEST by LunaLoof

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