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Potsdam Conference

Here you can find the agenda and the results of the PPEU Statutes Workgroup meeting on the Potsdam Conference (28./29.07.2012).

Report from the Conference

On the Potsdam Conference European Pirates from Switzerland, Catalunya, Sweden, Italy and Germany met there for two days two discuss and agree on main points of the future statutes for PPEU. Therefore we first worked in four groups on the topics Aims and Visions, Competences, Structure and Ressources of PPEU. We collected ideas in different pads and discussed them in those groups. Afterwards we had a general discussions with all participants on all points. The second day we worked our way through the different pads and voted on the points listed therein. There were also some remote delegates in the pads from Spain and Slovenia, but other methods of remote participation failed because the technics didn't work like we hoped it would.


The Results from the Potsdam Conference can be found here:

Working Pads

What next?

Now we need to extract the results and list all those points which we could agree upon. Then they have to be integrated in a newly made draft text for the statutes. Then everyone can comment on the text and offer alternative texts and improvements. On the next conference on 01./02.09.2012 in Barcelona we will meet again in person to finish the (first) draft.

Tentative agenda for PPEU sessions at Potsdam 2012

This is a tentative schedule for the PPEU related sessions at tbe conference of the German working groups Foreign policy and Europe in Potsdam July 28th/29th 2012 (German only). Depending on the audience the sessions take place are in English or German. There is general registration and a press registration (German only).

Although a few sessions, mainly administrative parts, have more presentational character, all sessions are interactive and open for discussion. Each session consists of small-group work and plenum discussions.

July 28th 2012
No Start End Task
211:3012:30Brainstorming / Round robin “Visions, goals, principles”Brainstorming / Rundlauf “Visionen, Ziele, Prinzipien”
413:3014:00The story so far (recap)Was bisher geschah.
514:0015:45Vision / goals detailsVisionen, Ziele im Detail
July 29th 2012
No Start End Task
413:3014:45Voting mechanismsWahlverfahren
514:4515:00Conference recap / Next stepsRückblick auf Konferenz / nächste Schritte
615:0017:00see belowsiehe unten

Based on previous experiences we currently propose to end the conference early. Of course, if required, it is possible to continue further until the official end of the conference at 17:00 h.

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