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European Pirate Party 12th Council Meeting April 16th, 2023

This council meeting will take place in Strasbourg. Exact venue tbc. The meeting will start at XX.00 CET, April 16th, and it will be part of the European Pirate Weekend, organized by the French pirate party.

Link to the meeting:

IF you are an official delegate for a member party you will be asked to provide documentation that shows that you have been appointed delegate for your party, in there's any uncertainty in the matter.

Draft agenda

Side Events

The Council meeting is part of the European Pirate Weekend, which stretches from Friday 14th of April to Monday 17th of April. Here is a practical guide from the hosts

Chat Control & Campaign Workshop in the European Parliament, September 17th

In the Morning of the 17th of April the Pirate Delegation int the European Parliament will organize a two-part workshop on Campaign strategies and techniques and apply these in a second step to the efforts to the campaign Stop Chat Control. Please fill out this form if you require access to the European Parliament to participate. Note that people already signed up for the visitors Group still need to register separately for this workshop.

European Parliament Visitors Group, September 17th

The Monday 17th of April will conclude the Pirate Weekend with a, Courtesy of MEP Mikulas Peksa, tfeature a sponsored visit to the European Parliament premises in Strasbourg. Those participating in this Visitors Group will be eligible to get some reimbursements towards travel and accomodation. You can register your interest for the visitors group here: The visitors Group is coordinated by Alessandro Ciofini, so please reach out to him for any questions related to the visit. He can be reached by email:


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