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Proposals on the Topic "Open Access and Open Data" for the CEEP


Open Access and Open Data

Open Access

The results of any research carried out with public funds, completely or in part, must be published in open access scientific journals or by other means which make them readily accessible to the general population.

Open Data

All data created for public use or with the use of public money, regardless of origin, should be freely available to the general public, as long as personal details are not revealed without the consent of the concerned individuals. It shall be made available in an appropriate form, which shall also include a form for data processing. Access must not be limited by application procedures, licenses, fees or technical means.

Next to stimulating more open data we strive for a Freedom of Information Act on the EU level that shall abolish the critical aspects (e.g. the definition of “document”, the time limit for appeal) of the current EU Regulation and therefore lower the barriers for access to information.

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