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Registration for the 07/2013 Conference in Warsaw

On this page you can register for the European Pirates Conference (on Statutes) at Warsaw on the 27th-28th July 2013.

Please take into account before registering that this Conference is solely to discuss the statutes of the European Pirates organisation, no general discussions will take place.

Please note that due to space limitations, and to ensure representation from all pirate parties, preference will be given to official delegates. Registration is open until 20th July 2013 (later registration cannot be guaranteed).

You will find up to date information at the conference page and receive changes to the email address you provide for registration (non optional).

Please read our Terms & Conditions and submit the form below. Fields marked with * are required. For further questions please contact us.


Action mail

Thanks “Thank you for registering to the Warsaw conference. You are going to receive a confirmation email with further information shortly.”

Fieldset “Personal details”

Textbox “First name”

Static “.”

Textbox “Last name”

Static “.”

Email “Contact email”

Static “.”


Select “Are you an official delegate?” “No|Yes”

Static “.”

Number “Mobile phone (optional)” “=00”!

Fieldset “Sunday afternoon session”

Static “Main Sessions will be held on Saturday and Sunday morning to ensure that votings are carried out with the maximum number of delegates. However, an additional session can be held on Sunday afternoon if enough participants are interested.”

Select “Sunday afternoon session?” “No, thanks.|Yes, I'm in!”

Fieldset “Sunday afternoon session details” “Sunday afternoon session?” “Yes, I'm in!”

Static “I want to participate in the afternoon session on Sunday. However, I will ”

Select “leave the conference at” “15:00 h|15:30 h|16:00 h|16:30 h|17:00 h|17:30 h|18:00 h|18:30 h|19:00 h|20:00 h|21:00 h|22:00 h”

Fieldset “Accomodation”

Select “Please try to accomodate me!” “No, thanks.|Yes, please!”

Fieldset “Accomodation details” “Please try to accomodate me!” “Yes, please!”

Static “We need your arrival and leaving information to try to arrange a couch surfing host.”

Date “Arrival date:” “=2012-11-30”

Textbox “ETA (Estimated time of arrival)” “=19:30 h”

Static “.”

Date “Departure date:” “=2012-12-02”

Textbox “ETD (Estimated time of departure)” “=14:00 h”

Static “.”

Static “Since we cannot guarantee a couch/bed for everyone, please bring along your own sleeping bag and necessities unless the organisation confirms you otherwise.”

Fieldset “Catering”

Static “We are able to provide full catering at the conference venue. Coffee breaks, lunch, sushi, snacks, appetizers, sweets, etc. It could give us more time for debating while we don't need to go anywhere for lunch. We just have to know if you like this option Price for the whole weekend would be about 20 EUR paid during the conference.”

Select “Full catering at conference venue?” “No, thanks.|Yes, i'm in!”

Fieldset “Funding”

Number “I apply for sponsoring of (€):” !

Static “.”

Number “I want to sponsor another pirate with (€):” !

Static “.”

Static “By participating in the sponsoring contact scheme, you authorise us to give your contact email address to another participating pirate that matches your amount.”

Fieldset “Comments”

Textarea “.” x5 !

Fieldset “Privacy”

Select “I would like to receive information in the future regarding other European Pirates events” “No|Yes”

Static “.”

Select “I agree to the Terms & Conditions” “No|Yes”

Fieldset “Send registration” “I agree to the Terms & Conditions” “Yes”

Static “Please press 'Register me!' once and be patient.”

Static “May the force be with you!”

hiddenautoinc “Registration id”

Submit “Register me!”


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