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European Pirate Party 13th Council Meeting July 8th, 2023

This council meeting will take place online, on Jitsi The meeting will start at 9.30 CEST, July 8th, and it will break for lunch between 12:30-14:00 CEST.

Link to the meeting:

Official invitation email


If you have been appointed an official delegate for a Member party you will be asked to provide documentation that shows the appointment, in the case that there is any uncertainty in the matter.

Draft Agenda

  1. 9:30-10:00
    Meeting administration

    1. Opening of the meeting and registration of delegates
    2. Welcoming remarks from the European Pirate Party chair
    3. Election of meeting chairs and minute takers
    4. Approval of the agenda

  2. 10:00-10:10
    Approval of new Members

    1. Application from the Estonian Pirate Party to become Observer member of the association

  3. 10:10-12:30
    Finances and discharge

    1. Discharge of the 2022 board
    2. Report on the 2023 Accounts

      Lunch break

  4. 14:00-17:30

    1. Adoption of the Common European Election Program (CEEP) for the 2024 European Elections
    2. Adoption of a Common Pirate Strategy for the 2024 European Elections

  5. 17:30-18:00
    Closing of the meeting

    1. AOB
    2. Final greetings


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